Flowering plants in the garden

The garden is that place in the house that aims to lift the soul of the people who live there, free them from stress and allow them to have a privileged relationship and contact with nature. These very important things can also happen thanks to the aesthetic part of the garden, which is perfect if it is the result of the integration between what the owners of the garden like in terms of furnishings (fountains, benches, pergolas, etc.) and what nature offers, that is the plants we want and can put in our garden. In fact, they have the dual purpose of aesthetically furnishing the garden, with flowers and the classic characteristics of decorative plants, and of giving that touch of nature that instills in man the serenity necessary to forget any stress accumulated during the day.


A plant that has achieved great success as an ornamental garden plant for years is the bougainvillea, a name that in various parts of the world is often idiomatically changed and in fact in Italy it is known with a sort of plural, or «Bougainville». This plant has a tropical origin and is appreciated for its small, very delicate white or yellow flowers, grouped into about three elements and surrounded by bracts, which are the most visible and characteristic part of the plant. Well, the bracts are a sort of additional petals which actually represent particular evolutions of the leaves closest to the inflorescences; in the case of the bougainvillea these bracts take on bright colors ranging from pink to yellow, passing through magenta, orange and white.

Plant care

Bougainville is very famous for being adaptable to the European climate, despite being of clear tropical origin; why is not well known, but if suitably sheltered from the cold and direct rainfall, this plant can also bear temperatures that drop below zero in the harsh non-tropical winters. The most common species, in perfect climatic conditions and with soil of the right acidity and consistency, can even reach ten meters in height, an incredible figure for a plant that is basically shrubby and does not even have a real trunk. In reality the adaptability to the typical Italic climate depends on the species of bougainvillea (there are several), because there are some indicated for the whole territory, with the exception of the Alps,

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