Church wedding flower arrangements

How to choose flower arrangements for a church wedding

The choice for floral arrangements for weddings in the Church must be made taking into consideration the very architecture of the place of worship. The size of the spaces available as well as the play of light created by the natural and artificial ones can significantly limit the variety of floral species to be used. In general, if the environment is very dark, it will be essential to resort to white or in any case light flowers to give the Church a little more brightness. Very large ancient cathedrals need classical settings characterized by voluminous compositions. On the other hand, the small churches should not be excessively filled with bouquets of flowers but a few and small ones will suffice. Candles will help make the atmosphere cozier.

How to save on fittings

Sometimes it can happen that two marriages are celebrated in the same Church on the same day or the day after or the day before. Contact the bride and groom and decide whether or not it is appropriate to divide the expenses to share the same floral arrangement and to choose together which is the most suitable for both couples. In this case you can have a great set up by spending half. If the agreement is not possible, do not worry because it is still possible to choose inexpensive flowers or put in place some tricks to lower the overall cost. Abundant with satin ribbons and decrease the amount of flowers used. By choosing white flowers it will be necessary to use less of them to elegantly decorate the whole Church.

Where to place the floral decorations

Inside the churches the decorations are not positioned as it happens but follow precise patterns designed to make the place romantic. The main altar is generally the most decorated part of all because it will remain at the center of the scene for the duration of the ceremony. It will appear in a large number of shots and will serve as a scenic backdrop for the shoot. The spaces adjacent to the altar also have their importance and will be decorated in a minor way. The balustrade that physically separates the nave from the altar will be full of floral decorations and satin ribbons in white or in the most diverse pastel shades. Almost everyone now chooses to decorate the side of the benches to create a sort of entrance corridor for the wedding couple. The important thing is moderation because even the excesses are vulgar.

Church Wedding Flower Arrangements: Choose the flowers according to your personal style

If you want your wedding to talk about you, choose the flowers of the church arrangements to match your personality. The incurable romantics will orient their choice on compositions of classic roses, both white and pink, while those who never give up on casual even on such an important occasion, will be able to devise an arrangement of colored calla lilies to combine with colorful flowers with the most unusual shapes. Glamorous brides will add touches of light by using silver ribbons or by putting rhinestones inside the flowers. Young girls can be daring with bright colors and wildflowers such as daisies associated with ears of corn and poppies. Such an arrangement is not intended to last many hours and must be done just before the ceremony.

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