Drosera adelae

Adelae sundew trapping system

The sundew adelae is a carnivorous plant of Australian origin; like most carnivorous plants, therefore, it adapts to a subtropical climate and can be grown mainly in the apartment or at home in Italy, to avoid it being exposed to harsh temperatures. Devoid of showy flowers, the sundew adelae is however endowed with leaves full of charm, characterized by the presence of tentacles along the sides of the leaves that give a characteristic reddish color to the plant. These small tentacles are the ones that allow the plant to capture small insects through a sticky liquid. The production of digestive substances then completes the nourishment operation. Despite being a plant with an aggressive appearance, however, the sundew adelae it requires some special attention as it is fragile in nature.


Growing the sundew adelae in Italy is not impossible, but some particular attention is needed to make the environment as similar as possible to the natural one of the plant. First of all, the placement must take place in sheltered places and not exposed to direct sunlight; it is a plant that prefers humid and shady environments. The leaves, exposed to direct sun, could burn. The water must be strictly rainwater or in any case distilled, while the soil must be obtained by mixing sphagnum and perlite in such a way as to provide the sundew with all the necessary nutrients. If the conditions are optimal it will be possible to admire fascinating five-petaled red flowers; however, this does not always happen but does not pose a problem for reproduction.

Drosera adelae: Plant care

As we have seen, the main adversities that the sundew adelae can face are linked to the climatic conditions, which inevitably are not favorable in our areas. Problems with the plant and leaves can be avoided with some attention: distilled or rain water, as seen, is a fundamental element. Temperatures must never drop, so it is advisable to place them in a greenhouse or in very hot areas of the house, with a saucer that guarantees the constant presence of water resources. The sundew must also be kept sheltered from the wind. The main attentions, therefore, are due in the winter period, when the temperature, sun exposure, humidity and the presence of air currents are elements to be kept under strict control.

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