Escolzia tintura madre

Escolzia: general characteristics

Escolzia, also called California poppy, is a plant belonging to the Papaveraceae family. This plant is native to the North American continent and its medicinal virtues were already known to American Indians. Escolzia is a perennial herb that can also be grown as an annual. The greatest distribution of escolzia occurs in some states such as Oregon and California, while in Europe it was introduced late, only from the nineteenth century. The escolzia has prostrate stems that form bushes that can reach up to 50 cm in height. The color of the leaves is ashy green and they are jagged, petiolate and alternate. Flowering occurs in summer and the flowers are very similar to poppies and bright colors, tending to yellow and orange.

Escolzia mother tincture: properties

But what are the beneficial properties of escolzia? In the treatment of which ailments can it be used? Among the active ingredients contained in the extracts of this plant, the alkaloids are particularly important. Among those present in escolzia we mention: cryptopine, protopin, sanguinarine, barberine and chelidonin. The concentration of these substances makes the escolzia tincture particularly indicated in the fight against anxiety and sleep disorders, as it has important sedative virtues. Escolzia has an antispasmodic and calming function, reduces palpitations and counteracts tachycardia. Finally, this plant can also be used to counteract some disorders of the digestive tract, as it relieves pain in the intestinal and biliary tract.

Escolzia mother tincture: how to prepare it?

The best way to exploit the phytotherapeutic capabilities of this plant is certainly to use the mother tincture of escolzia. We strongly advise against using do-it-yourself products since producing an appropriately titrated escolzia mother tincture is a bit difficult, so please refer to the purchase of one of the many products marketed. In any case, the mother tincture of escolzia is obtained from the whole fresh plant, which must be left to macerate for approximately three weeks in an alcoholic solution titrated at 45 °. As for the dosage, it is recommended to take 40 drops of mother tincture diluted in a cup of water, in the evening before going to bed. Alternatively, if you are in a particularly nervous state, you can also take the product two or three times a day.

Escolzia mother tincture: contraindications

Although at the indicated therapeutic doses the escolzia does not present undesirable effects, it is still a plant that must be used with caution and not in self-treatment. We do not recommend the use of escolzia mother tincture for prolonged periods, or if you need treatments that last over time, consult your doctor. It should also be specified that there are currently no scientific studies that demonstrate the danger of the plant following long periods of intake. Similarly, there are no studies relating to the use of the plant during pregnancy or breastfeeding, it is however recommended in these conditions not to consume extracts of the plant. Finally, the mother tincture of escolzia must absolutely not be used in conjunction with sedative drugs or sleeping pills.

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