Fake succulents

«Succulent» plants

Succulents or succulent plants are the type of plants that possess particular «succulent» tissues, called aquifer parenchyma. Through these structures the plant is able, in the months when rainfall is scarce (they are desert plants) to collect water and, therefore, to survive. This type of plant is often mistakenly called cactus, but in reality the cactus is just one of the many types of plants we have. The aesthetic characteristics of these plants are: the absence of leaves, compact growth, formation of waxes on the surface. Although they are very resistant, they cannot live well without a strong solar source and therefore in the absence of daily sun exposure, they will tend to dry up suddenly.

Fake succulents

The choice of the fake succulent plant must be made by virtue of certain environmental characteristics. They are: lighting difficulties or places where lighting is poor for long periods of time (think of offices that remain closed and in the dark for days, even a succulent plant could have problems resisting these conditions; or environments that do not they have lighting, such as under the stairs, unlit rooms or others; or environments that must have a great internal cleanliness, in which therefore the presence of plants could create danger. Fake succulents can be installed in all environments also because they exist of various types for size or imitated species are easily adaptablefake succulents very welcome elements.

Compositions of fake succulents

One of the funniest and most creative things that can be done using fake succulents is certainly the composition of real masterpieces (large or small). By combining several plant elements in a vase, we will create small jewels that will bring warmth and design to our home. Once you have chosen the pot, insert the earth inside it and insert the fake succulents as if you were planting them for real! The possibilities are almost endless, being able to combine both small and large plants. The sense of truth is easily recreated, by inserting stones inside the ground in order to cover any parts that would allow the discovery of the untruthfulness. Also don’t crowd the pot too much or it will look very artificial.

Fake succulents: types and maintenance

The models and types of fake succulents are many, in fact they reproduce the countless species found in nature. There are smaller plants and larger plants, with the advantage of not having to grow them, they become easy to keep inside as they are fake, an agave could never have been kept inside the house for example. An important aspect to consider when it comes to fake succulents or fake plants in general is that maintenance, such as watering or changing the soil, is not present, but being immobile objects they tend to accumulate dust. However, this determines a minimum of maintenance, such as a dusting from time to time or a washing (different from washing the leaves of normal plants). So the only thing left to do is have fun!

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