Flaxseed decoction

The properties of flax seeds

Flax seeds have been known since the dawn of time for their emollient and protective properties. Very useful as an internal anti-inflammatory (for example against cystitis) and also external, particularly for the skin. Some of the most important elements in flax seeds are Omega 3 and Omega 6 which represent a valid ally of our body and above all a reinforcement of the correct functioning of the immune system. Flax seeds also have a high percentage of mucilages that have a laxative power and prevent constipation. Thanks to all these properties, flax seeds play a soothing and regenerating role in the intestinal bacterial flora. Compared to other supplements they can also be used for prolonged times because they have few contraindications.

The uses

The possible uses of flax seeds are innumerable. In the kitchen they can be used to enrich cold dishes such as salads and muesli and are very good for the body. In particular, they are indispensable for those who follow a vegan diet, since by not eating meat or fish they cannot take omega 3. In this case the seed must be chopped before using it because it is particularly hard. However, don’t expect them to enrich the flavor as well! In fact, flax seeds are tasteless, but despite this they are universally appreciated for their healing properties. In fact, flax seeds are much better known in the field of cosmetics, where they represent an important element in the regeneration of skin and hair. For example, for their detangling and smoothing quality,

After having explored the multiple properties and countless uses of flax seeds, it is time to provide you with some useful information on how to prepare a good purifying and regenerating decoction with flax seeds. We have already mentioned that flax seeds do not have an intense flavor, so the herbal tea must be enriched with some pleasant aroma. Here we propose this recipe, you must prepare a mixture of three ingredients: our flax seeds (40 g), another 40 g of buckthorn bark and finally 10 g of star anise. Once this is done, 200 milliliters of water must be boiled and then poured over the preparation. After letting it cool, filter everything and take a full glass every night. The next morning you will feel much better right away!

Flaxseed decoction: Contraindications

As with any food, even the abuse of flax seeds can transform their beneficial effect into damage to the body. Excessive consumption of flax seeds and their derivatives can cause painful intestinal dysfunctions. The problem is all the more serious if we consider that the absorption of drugs taken orally can be compromised, constituting a danger for a speedy recovery of the organism. Furthermore, excessive doses of some elements present in flax seeds can cause annoying irritations even if in very unlikely cases. Cases of allergy or intolerance cannot be excluded. However, it is always good to be careful not to overdo the use of flax seeds, like any other herbal element.

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