Garlic decoction

Properties of garlic

The National Institute of Health recently found garlic to be an effective substitute for antiseptic medicines. These properties derive from its special chemical composition, which not only includes the body’s classic nutritional elements, but also important percentages of vitamins, magnesium, potassium and active ingredients, in particular allicin. Against colds, sinusitis, sore throats, taking a small amount of garlic cleanses the respiratory tract and thus also relieves headaches caused by congestion. Furthermore, its beneficial effect spreads to the cardio-circulatory system, regulating the purification of the blood in the body, and is therefore very suitable for diabetics. To enjoy all these benefits, the herbalist offers many garlic preparations, including the decoction.

Ingredients and preparation

The garlic decoction has accumulated in its history a number of different traditions for its preparation. In some cases it is mixed with lemon or spices, such as ginger, cardamom and so on, in other cases it is simply boiled over low heat in water, until it reaches the desired density. However, drink a decoction of garlicpure it could be tiring due to the intense flavor, so you can introduce variations that sweeten it. For example, some herbalists offer a milk-based decoction of garlic, where the cloves are not boiled in water but in milk. In this way, on the one hand, the acidity of the garlic is tempered, but on the other hand, the preparation with milk fats is made heavy. In any case, the choice is so vast that everyone can certainly find the one that suits them best.

Benefits of the decoction

We talked before about the various benefits of garlic, antiseptics, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. These qualities do not disappear in the decoction, on the contrary they are amplified by it, because the density of the active ingredients in a hot preparation is higher. The decoction, however, also has other benefits, more curious and unexpected, sometimes even a little mythical. In fact, garlic is recognized as having «magical» qualities, such as that of warding off vampires, but its aphrodisiac potential is more often mentioned on the decoction. Do you want the man of your desires to fall at your feet? Make him drink a decoction, which in addition to saving you on any bills from the love potion sorceress, will also be good for his health. The lucky one will only have to thank you,

Garlic decoction: Attention in use

Garlic has a thousand beneficial properties, but like all herbs and products of nature, it must be used thoughtfully. Too much is good, our grandparents used to say, and even garlic is not immune to it. So be careful, because an excess of garlic could cause nausea and vomiting, even diarrhea. In pregnant women it is contraindicated, due to its blood-thinning effects and if left too long in contact with the skin it can cause skin irritation. The same goes for decoctions, in case you have problems with stomach acid, gastritis and esophagitis. In this case, use it moderately. Ultimately therefore pay attention to the quantities, although your love is great and unlimited, you certainly do not want your aphrodisiac to become a deadly potion …

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