Hedge cost

Hedge cost

The cost of a hedge varies depending on the plant you use to create it and the size, in length and width, you want to achieve. A hedge can consist of evergreen plants, flowering plants, fragrant plants, or artificial plants. In order to have an estimate of the cost of the hedge you want to create in your garden, you will first have to evaluate how many plants you need. The price of the single plant to be planted depends on the variety of genus depending on whether you prefer a laurel, lavender, jasmine, pittosporum plant etc … If you prefer that your hedges are artificial, you will also have to take into account the costs any structures to be able to support them because they may need wooden fences built ad hoc.

Natural hedges prices

The cost of natural hedges depends on the plant you decide to use. If you want to get a hedge that does not affect your wallet too much, the plants that are most suitable for this are laurel or cypresses; in fact you can buy the former at a price of about 5 euros while the latter at 7 euros each. A jasmine plant costs around 9 euros, but it guarantees perfumes and flowers that other types of evergreen plants for hedges cannot provide. The pittosporum, which is widely used to make windbreak hedges due to its natural strength, costs around 6 euros. In general, if you do not want to look for particular plants, a hedge shrub about 1 meter high costs from 5 to 10 euros.

Artificial hedges prices

Artificial hedges usually come in rolls of various sizes. Depending on the quality of the material, the degree of fidelity of the shape and color of the plant you want to recall and the measures, the prices are different. For example, a simple-looking 1 x 3 meter artificial hedge can cost around 30 euros. More expensive are the hedges of red maple or ivy with a cost of about 60 euros. If the area to be covered is quite large, artificial hedges with high measures up to 50 X 1 meters are available on the market with a cost of around 500 euros. If you want to recreate an atmosphere in your garden that can recall the exotic, you can buy fake bamboo hedges for around 60 euros.

How to get a shielding hedge

Having a garden that is bordered by a beautiful and sturdy hedge allows for an elegant aesthetic and, at the same time, an efficient screening. You can enjoy your garden alone or with friends without the hassle of prying eyes. To obtain a tall and robust hedge, depending on the type of plant, it will be necessary to water it not too often and prune it once or twice a year. Generally, the plants that are most suitable for achieving optimal shielding are those of pittosporum or pine. They are evergreen plants with a strong structure and dense foliage. They do not need too much care, but it will be necessary to check that they do not get diseases to prevent them from spoiling. In case you can spray insecticides that can be easily purchased in shops that sell plants.

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