Mulberry pruning

Types of pruning

The pruning process is crucial for the mulberry tree, as well as for most trees. Basically, the mulberry tree can be subjected to two main forms of pruning. The first type is called training pruning. On the contrary, the second is considered to be production or maintenance. In the first case, the purpose for which this operation is carried out is to model the structure of the tree, so that it grows optimally. In the case of production mulberry pruning , it must first be specified that it is performed when the tree has already developed. Also, this procedure is done to remove the structures that weigh down the mulberry tree. By doing so, an increase in flowering and in the level of productivity of the

The best time to do it

Basically, although there are different species of mulberry tree, each with its own peculiarities and adaptation characteristics, the best period for the pruning operation coincides with the beginning of the spring season. Whether we are talking about training pruning or, instead, we are referring to that of maintenance, mulberry pruning is generally performed at the end of March, when the first heat begins to peep out and the temperatures gradually begin to increase. Furthermore, it is essential to operate in this period because, after the winter, it is necessary to free the mulberry tree from possible damaged, damaged or simply dry structures. In this way, the

Why it is important to do it

The mulberry pruning operation, carried out effectively and adequately, gives the tree a series of important advantages. First of all, the pruning procedure is necessary for the renewal of the parts of the tree, since with this operation all the now superfluous structures are eliminated. This aspect is of fundamental importance not only because in this way the level of flowering and productivity of the mulberry tree itself is positively influenced, but also because it lowers the probability that the tree will come into contact with possible sources of pathogenic contamination. Finally, with the pruning of the crown, you also go to regulate the growth and size of the tree,

Mulberry pruning: The tools and techniques

To perform an optimal mulberry pruning, it is necessary to resort to the use of specific and adequate work tools. This delicate operation needs to be performed by qualified people, who are also able to handle the various tools appropriately. The latter must be properly sharpened and sterilized. The first characteristic is necessary in order to cut the branches clearly and precisely, while the degree of cleanliness is essential in order to prevent the mulberry tree from coming into contact with possible parasites that undermine the degree of integrity and well-being. Finally, it is necessary to always remember to use the shears to cut the thinnest branches, while the hacksaw must be used to remove the thicker and more difficult to remove structures.

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