Peach blossom tattoo

Peach blossom tattoo: the legend of its origins

Before choosing peach blossoms as the subject of your tattoo, it is good to explore their traditional meanings but also the lesser known ones, such as this ancient legend. It is said that the origin of the plant is due to a Chinese fisherman (the plant in fact comes from the East) who, finding a seed never seen before inside a fish, decided to plant it in front of his house. From that moment the whole village was enchanted by the splendid spring blossoms. Precisely because of the method of discovery, the fruit was called, in fact, peach. Of the peach blossomalways remember also that it contains over thirty stamens, so they are the symbol of fertility and femininity. If you are a lover of history, know that Charlemagne, who imported this plant to Europe, fell in love with it so much that he created peach groves throughout the Roman Empire.

In the classic language of flowers, the peach tree is not only a symbol of femininity thanks to the color, but also of great character, as the peach blossoms are born before the leaves and completely cover the branch. Being a typically spring flower, the peach tree is one of the symbols of rebirth par excellence: choose it as a tattoo if you want to leave a difficult period behind but also if you want to wish yourself a new life. Being beautiful flowers with a delicate color but all united by a strong branch, the peach blossomit also takes on the meaning of family union. Then try to tattoo the initials of your family members on the petals or, why not, make an identical tattoo between sisters or between mother and daughter. The union of your family will forever be symbolized on your skin!

flower tattoo of peach tree in black and white» width=»745″ height=»400″ longdesc=»/fiori/significato-fiori/tatuaggio-fiori-di-pesco.asp»>If you choose to tattoo a flowering peach branch, one of the first choices to make is to decide between color or black. Undoubtedly one of the most important and particular characteristics of the peach blossom is certainly the pink color with a thousand shades. Be aware, however, that the colored tattoo will always be very evident and that it requires special care immediately after having it done: avoid exposing yourself to the sun for at least three weeks after the tattoo. If instead you opt for black and white, focus on a more stylized design: the effect will be more essential, perhaps it will be more reminiscent of the oriental style. To enrich this type of tattoo, try to personalize it, perhaps by inserting the initials of your loved ones in the flowers,

Where to get a peach blossom tattoo

Usually the subject is a branch with flowers, for this type of tattoo, which develops in length, choose long-limbed areas of the body. The most classic points are the ankle, wrists and shoulder (know that they are also the most painful points, being almost free of subcutaneous fat) but you can also choose less common areas: from the back of the neck to the calf, from the breast to the back. Before choosing, the tattoo artist will show you a copy of the design on paper: you can decide to change its shape or increase its size, to ensure that your tattoo fits perfectly to the area of ​​the body you have chosen. Naturally, the areas of the body have a meaning: if you decide for arms or legs, the peach blossom will represent your life force, if you choose wrists or co, the symbology will be more linked to the inner birth, to the continuous flow of life (the veins, symbol of the life cycle, are concentrated in these two points). Finally, if you choose the ankle, the tattoo will certainly be more «fascinating»; it is a particularly seductive area of ​​the body, so enriching it with the flower of femininity will make you irresistible!

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