Prefabricated barbecues prices

Prices of prefabricated barbecues

The prices of prefabricated barbecues can be very different, because there are many models available on the market; in addition to the possibility of expanding the surface of the brazier, there are prefabricated barbecues equipped with an oven for bread and pizza, and also models with the possibility of arranging more grids or even a soapstone, for cooking meat and fish in a healthy and natural. The basic price, for a simple brazier without a flue, less than a meter wide and about 50 cm deep, is around one hundred euros. If we add a hood or an altered worktop, the price is doubled immediately. Bread ovens, to be combined with the barbecue, are quite expensive, and a small model can already cost 200-300 euros. However, these are ready-to-use products: just bring the assembly kit home, and assemble the parts by simply stacking them. The weight of the material will keep each piece in place, but you can use cement mortar for added strength if you want.

The various models

On the market we find many models of prefabricated barbecue, because it is one of the most common types, used both in the garden and on the terrace. In Italy there are many manufacturers of this type of barbecue, which offer various types of materials, shapes, sizes. The basic model consists of a shelf, equipped with a screen, into which the grid is hooked; on the shelf it is possible to light the fire, and under it you place the wood and the tools to keep the embers alight. If you want to direct the smoke emissions, you can equip the basic model with a hood; many brands of prefabricated barbecues present various pieces that can also be simply added to the basic model, so as not to be forced to immediately buy all the parts we want: once the basic barbecue has been positioned, we can decide to expand it with side worktops, or with a bread oven.

Different brands for different pockets

If you go to a building material or barbecue shop, you will find wide differences between the prices of these goods, which concern not only the equipment or the dimensions, but also the material with which the brazier was built. The cheapest barbecues are made with a conglomerate of cement and ground refractory stone; these barbecues are quite resistant, but not eternal, and over the years they may have cracks or areas that tend to break. Increasing the expense, you can find barbecues in increasingly valuable conglomerates, which involve the addition of rocks or marble powders or other materials. These are barbecues prepared to last over the years, to be expanded or enriched with other accessories. The most beautiful and robust models are also previously treated with special paints,

Prefabricated barbecue prices: Maintenance

To have a barbecue that is always beautiful and clean, it is advisable to follow some basic rules, in order to avoid the most trivial problems, due to frost or sunlight. Low-priced barbecues, after being laid, generally need a protective varnish: the covering layer prevents rainwater from penetrating the stone, and then freezes during the winter, causing break points or cracks. Over the years, however, it is likely that this coating tends to deteriorate, and the barbecue should therefore be repainted, at least every 3-5 years. Due to the water and bad weather, it often happens that the barbecue becomes covered with a patina of moss or dirt carried by the wind. It is advisable to periodically remove this type of material, to keep the solid conglomerate longer. The ideal cleaning method is the hydro jet cleaner, to be passed over the entire surface at the end of winter, before the spring season. Then wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth and repaint any damaged areas. The grids, on the other hand, should be cleaned with an iron brush.

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