Sarmentous roses

Rose sarmentose: general information

The sarmentose roses are a type of climbing plants that can reach up to ten meters in height. This differentiates them from modern climbing roses, whose growth is contained and has a bushy trend.Given the majesty and importance of these plants, it will be necessary to know some gardening techniques in order to optimize their effect in the garden and enjoy them to the fullest. With climbing plants of this size and characterized by such intense flowering, pruning is a necessary operation to allow the plant to renew itself and grow to the best of its ability. development of the plant so that its dimensions can remain a source of pride and not become a problem.

Sarmentose roses: pruning

The main goal, when you are about to prune sarmentose roses, is to eliminate the old, damaged or unproductive parts of the plant. This type of operation facilitates the renewal of plants and facilitates their healthy growth. In order for a plant not to suffer trauma and to get the best out of this type of intervention, what must be borne in mind is that there are different techniques for each type of plant and above all there are different periods in which it is necessary to proceed with pruning. Modern climbing roses cannot be pruned when they are young because cutting would drastically reduce their flowering. The sarmentose roses, on the other hand, can also be pruned when young. In this case you will have to proceed with the elimination of the flowering branches the previous year.

The fundamental rule to be able to perform a perfect pruning of sarmentose rosesis to eliminate only and exclusively the branches that are dry and damaged. These are useless for the flowering of the plant and will hinder its good growth. It will therefore be fundamental to be able to recognize the branches that are now old. This is a factor that changes in relation to the type of plant. Old branches generally take on a more brown and brown color and have a particularly fibrous appearance as well as presenting various branches. New branches can also be sprouted, provided that however, that they are left at the same height as the old ones, thus stimulating the production of new shoots which will contribute to an optimal flowering that will occur the following year, improving their appearance.

When to prune sarmentose roses

Pruning of sarmentose roses generally takes place in the autumn period, when our garden has already enjoyed spring flowering and it is therefore possible to proceed with the elimination of the old parts and with the preparation of the plant for the following spring. which are particularly young and have recently been planted in the garden, you can proceed with a first pruning, immediately after their flowering. In this way, their growth will be stimulated.In general it is not possible to establish precise rules about the most suitable way to prune the pruning roses.What we can suggest is to observe the plant carefully to understand its needs. Pruning should only take place if the plant has dry branches and its growth appears particularly disordered.

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