Wooden grills

The wooden grills: their functions and their characteristics

The wooden grids mainly serve as a support for climbing plants, which need a support to be able to grow in height. However, connected to this primary purpose, there is the secondary one of creating a kind of protective screen: in fact, the climbing plants, growing on the wooden grids, end up covering the entire structure, and therefore perform a function of protection of privacy or of barrier (to delimit spaces or create a kind of wall). Wooden grills may look the same to each other, but in reality each grate has its own specific characteristics. Most of the wooden grids are made of unpainted Nordic pine: only rarely does the wood undergo a treatment to increase its resistance against atmospheric agents and, consequently, its durability.

How to choose the model of the wooden grill

Wood grills typically come in standard sizes, however they can be ordered with specific dimensions or custom made with DIY. Furthermore, the presence of capitals, decorations or arches contributes to making the grid not only a functional element of the garden or terrace, but also a decorative and elegant component. To choose the wooden grill, you have to decide which are the characteristics you want and what needs the grill must satisfy. In fact, there are models of grids with more or less dense meshes, arranged vertically, horizontally or in the oblique direction. In addition, there are wooden grids of any color, precisely because of the material with which they are made: there are models in natural color, or white or colored. In addition, you can add flower boxes,

The uses of wooden grids: dividers, screens, etc.

In the case of wooden grids with planters, you can buy models in which these two elements are made in a single block, or models in which the two pieces are detached. The planters are square or rectangular, made of wood, internally coated with a layer of plastic: in this way there is no contact between the wood and the ground, which would cause the planter to rot over time. Alternatively, the wooden grates can be used as dividers between the pool and the dining area, or to isolate the lighting system. Still they can serve as «walls» of a gazebo or to allow greater privacy on the terrace or balcony. Finally, it is possible to associate the wooden grids with a screen (a special structure to shelter from gusts of wind).

Wooden grills: Tips for buying wooden grills

Wooden grids are mobile structures that do not need to be fixed to the ground, so you can move them to your liking where it suits us most. However, if you decide to fasten them to the ground, you need to make sure that the fastening is perfect: otherwise, the gusts of wind could overturn or damage them. When buying wooden grids, it is good to inquire about which treatment was used to protect them from the action of atmospheric agents. You can find infinite models and styles in any DIY or garden furniture store. To know how many modules you have to buy (each grid is a separate module) you only need to know how much space we will have to cover with the grids. The costs of the grids are quite low, therefore within everyone’s reach: however,

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