Ayoyote tree (Thevetia peruviana)

The Thevetia peruviana is a perfect shrub for warm and mild temperate climates, why? Because it is a plant that takes the shape of a tree and also produces beautiful flowers for much of the year, especially in summer.

As if that were not enough, it can be grown in a pot. So, what are you waiting to meet her?

Origin and characteristics

Our protagonist is an evergreen shrub or tree (sometimes tree) that reaches a height between 3 and 8 meters whose scientific name is Thevetia peruviana. It is popularly known as the Ayoyote tree, Fraile’s bone or elbow, yellow oleander, Indian walnut, San Ignacio bean or amancay. Its leaves are linear, lanceolate, bright green.

The flowers are yellow, orange or soft, which give off a very pleasant aroma. The fruit is a rounded fleshy rump with ribs, which when ripening change from green to black. This is potentially toxic, and can cause the death of the person.

What are their cares?

If you want to have a copy, we recommend you provide the following care:

  • Location: outside, in full sun.
  • Land:
    • Pot: universal growing substrate mixed with 30% perlite.
    • Garden: it is indifferent as long as it has good drainage.
  • Watering: 2 or 3 times a week in summer and every 4-5 days the rest of the year.
  • Subscriber: from early spring to late summer with organic fertilizers once a month.
  • Planting or transplanting time: in spring, when the risk of frost has passed. Change the pot every 2 years, following the steps indicated in this article.
  • Pruning: does not need it. Only dry, diseased or weak branches should be removed at the end of winter.
  • Multiplication: by seeds in spring. Direct sowing in spring.
  • Rusticity: it resists frosts down to -7ºC. It can live without problems in hot tropical, subtropical climates and also in the Mediterranean.

What did you think of the Thevetia peruviana ?

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