Eucalyptus, the tree that grows 1 meter per year

If you are looking for a very fast growing tree we would recommend eucalyptus, a very decorative evergreen plant thanks to which you will be able to have a corner of shade in much less than you imagine.

It is, by far, one of the plants that takes less time to reach a considerable height, since if the conditions are favorable in just one year it can grow an astonishing height of 1 meter. However, it is highly advisable to know it well.

Origin and characteristics of eucalyptus

The genus Eucalyptus is made up of about 700 species, the majority originating in Australia. They usually grow to a height of 60 meters (rarely 150 meters), with a straight trunk which, in some cases, is very decorative, like that of the rainbow eucalyptus. The adult leaves are elongated, bright bluish-green, and depending on the species, can provide a pleasant shade.

They are plants that need a lot of space to be able to grow without causing problems, since their roots are very invasive. In addition, its water needs are quite high; not in vain, it is common for them to grow near (fresh) water courses or in areas where it rains with some frequency. For this reason, it should not be cultivated in small gardens, nor in places where there is little rain.

What uses is it given?

Eucalyptus trees have several uses:


There are many species with a high ornamental value. I have mentioned the rainbow eucalyptus to you, but there are others, like the Eucalyptus gunnii that has blue-green leaves; or the Eucalyptus cinerea that develops rounded leaves of a glaucous color.

Grown as isolated specimens or in rows like tall hedges, they look great if the terrain is wide and the weather conditions are right.


The essential oil of the leaves has decongestant properties and also helps you breathe better. It is an ingredient that is used to make candies, pills, herbal teas,… even syrups.


Wood is widely used to build all kinds of furniture: tables, chairs, sofas,…


And as most species can withstand mild frosts down to -3ºC, in Spain it has been and is still today one of the trees that is most used for reforestation, which has not pleased ecologists at all. Why?

It is known that the more variety of plant species a forest has, the greater the biodiversity. By planting only eucalyptus trees, you run the risk of having an empty forest, without life. In addition to that, there are several studies such as the one carried out by FAO that reveal that a soil that has fed these trees remains poor, without nutrients.

Therefore, it is not a tree that is recommended to have in gardens unless they are large, since its roots are also very invasive and could break pipes and other constructions. So, if you intend to have a specimen, it is important that you plant it at a minimum distance of 10 meters from everything that could break and/ or destabilize (pipes, floors, walls).

Only then could you enjoy having a eucalyptus in the garden. So, if you are one of the lucky ones who can and wants to have one, then we will tell you how to take care of it.

What care does the eucalyptus tree need?

Having a eucalyptus can be a wonderful… or a terrible experience. But to be the first, we recommend that you keep the following in mind:


They are trees that, as long as the climate is mild or warm all year round, must be kept outside, in full sun. Remember that in case of having it on the ground it must be at a minimum distance of 10 meters.


  • Garden: requires a soil rich in organic matter to grow.
  • Pot: It is not a tree to have in a pot for many years, but during its youth it will beautify any terrace or patio. So feel free to fill the container with a quality universal substrate.


Irrigation must be frequent, especially if the climate is dry and very hot. In general, it will be watered an average of 3-4 times a week during the warmest season of the year, and an average of 2 times a week the rest.


In addition to a lot of water, it needs a lot of ‘food’. With this in mind, from early spring to late summer, worm humus, guano, herbivorous animal manure, or other types of organic fertilizers should be added frequently, at least once every 10 o 15 days.

If you have it in a pot, use liquid fertilizers following the instructions specified on the container.


Eucalyptus trees multiply by seed in spring. For this, they must be sown, for example, in forest seedling trays filled with universal substrate, and then placed outside, in semi-shade.

Keeping the substrate moist, they will germinate throughout the season.


It depends on the species. The Eucalyptus occidentalis and the Eucalyptus cinerea for example resist up to -7ºC, but the Eucalyptus deglupta can not bear the cold.

We hope it has been useful to you .

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