What is a black-bell eggplant? Black Bell Eggplant Care Guide

Likes to grow eggplants
but not as enthusiastic about the diseases associated with many classic Italian varieties.
are inclined to… Try growing Black Bell eggplants. What is a Black Bell Eggplant?
Read the following to find out how to grow the Black Bell eggplant variety and other varieties.
Information about the Black Bell Eggplant.

What is a black-bell eggplant?

The Black Bell variety of eggplant is an Italian variety.
Eggplant with a classic oval shape and shiny black and purple skin. The
The fruit is usually 4 to 6 cm (10 to 15 cm) long. Overall ripeness
The size of the plant is approximately 1 meter high and from 12 to 16 cm.
cm.) wide.

The Black Bell is an eggplant hybrid that looks very much like a
Black Beauty’s heritage in terms of appearance, taste and texture, but not
produce a little earlier. What the classic Black Beauty lacks is
a better resistance to diseases.

Black Bell has been developed to be tobacco resistant.
tomato and mosaic virus
mosaic virus, common problems with eggplants and other acorns
plants such as peppers
and tomatoes.

Growing black eggplants

Black Bell Eggplant can be planted in USDA resistance zones.
5-11. Start planting within 6-8 weeks before planting outdoors. Germination should
occur within 10 to 14 days.

One week before outdoor transplanting, harden
young plants, gradually increasing their time outdoors. Space
transplantation at a distance of approximately 24-36 cm (61-91 cm) in an area of full sunlight (at
minus 6 hours per day) in fertile and well-drained soil.

The staking of the plant at the beginning of the season in order to support
large fruits and keep the plants constantly watered. The fruit must be ready
for harvest within 58-72 days.

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