Information about Serata’s basil : learn how to grow Serata’s basil

If you consider basil as an Italian herb, you are not alone.
Many Americans think that basil comes from Italy when in fact it comes from
India. However, the spicy flavor of basil has become an integral part of many
Italian dishes.

You will find many types of them
commercially available basil. A variety of relics you might want
to taste is Serata basil ( tixag_14 ) Ocimum basilicum
«Serata»). Below you will find a lot of information about the basil serata, including tips on how to
to grow Serata basil in your herb garden.

What is Serata Basil?

is a very popular garden herb and a favorite among gardeners because it is so easy to
grow. All varieties of annual basil grow during the warm season and require a
A sunny place in the garden. There are dozens of varieties and cultivars of
basil and most of them will give a kick to tomato dishes. But Serata basil is
something special and certainly deserves a second look.

This is a type of basil that has existed for so long
which is classified as a relic. It has crumpled leaves and a good spicy taste.
basil flavor. Serata Basil is a unique variety of basil relic with a
a strong taste and an attractive appearance. In fact, according to Serata’s basil
information, these plants are really beautiful. The light green leaves of Serata
The basil plants have an elegantly wavy edge. This makes them pretty enough to make
double service as a garnish.

If you are planning to grow Serata basil plants, you should
they want a little more information about Serata’s basil.

How to grow Serata basil

Most basil plants are quite easy to grow, and the basil plants of Serata
are no exception. You will need to place this basil in a sunny spot in the garden,
preferably a place with lots of sunshine, to help it thrive.

Basil needs a well drained soil with a soil pH between 6.0
y 6,5. Fortunately, this pH range is also ideal for most other vegetables.
Enrich the soil by mixing it with compost, as preferred by Serata basil plants.
rich soil.

Start sowing basil seeds indoors one month before sowing outdoors.
planting date. Smell them at ¼ cms (.6 cm.) deep and observe if they germinate.
within 10 days. Place a plant in a pot when you see two sets of real leaves. Transplanting
in the garden when the temperature rises and cover it with pine straw.

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