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¿Qué es Baby Col China : Col China vs. Baby Col China

Chinese cabbage ( Brassica rapa ), known as pak choi, pak choy or bok choi, is an extremely nutrient-rich Asian green that is most often used in French fries, but what is miniature Chinese cabbage? Are Chinese cabbage and baby Chinese cabbage the same thing? Are there different ways to use Chinese cabbage and kale? Read on to learn more about growing the scale insect and to get more information about the scale insect.

What is Chinese cabbage?

A cool-season vegetable, miniature Chinese cabbage has smaller heads than larger varieties of Chinese cabbage, about half the size of standard Chinese cabbage. Almost all varieties of Chinese cabbage can be grown as young Chinese cabbage, but some types, such as «Shanghai», are bred specifically to be harvested at their small size for maximum sweetness.

Chinese cabbage vs. Chinese cabbage

So yes, Chinese cabbage and baby Chinese cabbage are basically the same thing. The real difference

is in the smaller leaves and the even earlier harvest of these tender leaves. Because the leaves are small and tender, they have a sweeter taste than normal sized Chinese cabbage and can be used instead of other greens in salads. Standard-sized Chinese cabbage also tends to have a more mustardy taste.

Both large Chinese cabbage and baby Chinese cabbage are low in calories, full of vitamins A and C, and rich in antioxidants and fibre.

Information about growing Chinese baby cabbage

Both types of Chinese cabbage are fast-growing, with babies maturing in about 40 days and normal sized Chinese cabbage in about 50 days. It grows best in cool, short autumn and early spring weather.

Prepare a sunny spot in the garden for planting in early spring or fall. Put one inch of compost in the first 6 cm of soil. Smooth the soil with a garden rake.

Sow the seeds directly at a distance of 5 cm. (2 cm) and at a depth of 0.6 cm. (¼). Water the seeds well and keep the seeded area moist.

Seedlings should appear in about a week and should be thinned at a distance of 4-6 cm (10-15 cm) when they are a few cm (7.5 cm) high.

Fertilize Chinese cabbage 3 weeks after sowing. Keep the planting area constantly moist and free of weeds.

Dwarf Chinese cabbage is ready to harvest when it is about 6 cm (15 cm) tall. Cut off the entire head just above the ground for dwarf varieties or for normal sized varieties, remove the outer leaves and allow the rest of the plant to grow to maturity.

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