Growing Mint Indoors: Information on Growing Mint Indoors

Many people grow mint in their garden and for those who know the vigour of this herbaceous plant, it is not surprising that it grows easily in a pot environment. In fact, not only can it grow happily in the garden and in pots, but it is also possible to grow mint indoors.

How to grow mint inside

It is easy to grow and plant mint indoors. You can find mint growing indoors in a pot of soil or even in a water bottle. To start, you need a container with proper drainage for healthy plant growth. Place your mint plant in a good pot mix, either the regular commercial type or a mix containing an equal amount of sand, peat and perlite.

Water the mint plant well after planting and place it in a place with

indirect light, preferably an east-facing window in spring and summer or a west- or south-facing window in fall and winter. You will also want to place your mint in an area where the indoor temperature is approximately 65-70 F. (18-21 C.) during the day and 55-60 F. (13-15 C.) at night.

If you want to grow mint plants in water, simply take pointed cuttings about 2 to 3 inches long from an established mint plant. Remove the lower leaves and place the pieces in a glass or bottle filled with water. Place them in a sunny window with at least four to six hours of light per day.

Taking care of the mint growing inside

When you grow mint indoors, there are certain things necessary for its ongoing maintenance. One is watering. These plants prefer to be kept moist but not too much. If the soil surface dries to the touch, then they need to be watered. Otherwise, try to keep it evenly moist.

Moisture is another important factor. Therefore, the plant should be sprayed between waterings or the container should be placed in a pebble tray filled with water.

In addition, you should rotate the plant about every three or four days to keep a more uniform appearance, as plants tend to lean towards the light, becoming somewhat disproportionate. If you wish, you can also move your mint outside for the summer.

Although it is not necessary to fertilize this plant, you can give it an occasional dose of water-soluble fertilizer or a fish emulsion. Mix the fertilizer at medium strength. Do not over-fertilize, as this can cause the weed to lose its flavour.

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