Problems with maize: information on the early maize acorn

You have planted your maize and, to the best of your ability, you have taken proper care of the maize plant, but why are the acorns detaching from your maize plant so early? This is one of the most common problems with corn and leaves many gardeners looking for answers. We are going to learn more about what may be causing the early appearance of acorns on maize and what, if anything, can be done about it.

What are the acorns on the corn plant?

The male flower of the corn plant is known as the corn acorn. Once the plant has finished growing, acorns appear on top of the plant. Corn acorns can be green, purple or yellow.

The work of the acorn is to produce pollen that promotes the growth and maturation of the ear of corn. The wind carries the pollen to the female flower, or silk, in the corn


Corn is not too difficult to grow; however, some gardeners worry when their corn acorns are too advanced.

Growing corn and taking care of the corn plant

Corn is most productive when daytime temperatures are between 12-33 °C and night-time temperatures are between 11-23 °C.

Corn needs a lot of moisture, especially on hot, sunny days with low humidity. Corn needs at least one inch of water every seven days until it reaches a height of about six inches and at least one inch of water every five days until acorns form. After acorns have formed, the corn should be watered with one inch of water every three days until it ripens.

Problems with acorns too early

For sweet corn to reach full maturity, it needs to be well bound, sedated and pollinated. However, early corn is usually discarded when the plants are stressed.

Corn that is exposed to cold temperatures early in the growing season can develop acorns too early. On the other hand, acorns can develop too early if they are affected by drought, nutrient deficiencies or hot, dry conditions.

One of the best ways to deal with early corn acorns is to plant corn at the most opportune times. By providing adequate moisture and nutrients, corn helps to fix the acorns at the right time and to withstand stressful conditions.

However, if your corn acorns are too early, don’t worry. Most of the time the plant will continue to grow and produce a tasty corn for you.

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