Hollow cucumber heart: the reasons for the hollow cucumber in the middle

My friend’s mother makes the most amazing, crunchy and spicy pickles I have ever tasted. She can practically make them in her sleep since she has 40 years of experience, but she has had her share of problems with pickles. One of those problems has been the hollow heart in the cucumbers. Read on for more information on the hollow heart in cucumbers.

What is the cause of the hollow heart in cucumber?

Hollow fruit, such as a hollow cucumber in the middle, is a common problem. Although theoretically edible, if cucumbers are hollow inside, they can be slightly bitter and certainly do not deserve the blue ribbon. Hollow cucumbers, or any other hollow fruit, are the result of a combination of lack or excess nutrient absorption, irregular watering and inadequate pollination.
Environmental conditions are the most likely cause of a cucumber that is hollow inside. Cucumbers prefer constant humidity conditions in the garden for optimal growth. If you are going through a drought period or if you are
…did not follow the watering, this could be the reason for a cucumber hole in the middle.
Excess nitrogen in the soil or low levels of boron can cause cucumber holes. Too much nitrogen can cause the fruit to grow too fast, not allowing the inside of the bowl to follow the growth from the outside. Reduce the amount of fertilizer used to control the hollow stone cucumber problem.
Inadequate pollination can cause the cucumber to hollow out in the middle. A hollow cucumber is an empty cavity resulting from a lack of seed formation, which can be attributed to improper pollination. This situation can be aggravated by rapid fluctuations in environmental conditions that affect fruit development, such as hot, dry weather, which can lead to irregular irrigation. Hot and dry weather reduces pollen viability and can burn parts of the flower during pollination. This is one of the factors, along with the potential for inadequate pollen transfer by pollinators and inadequate pollen sources, that can create hollow cucumbers.

Last words on the hollow core of the cucumber

Genetics also plays a role in cucumbers that are hollow in the middle. Some varieties are less prone to this problem than others, so be sure to read the descriptions on the packages or in seed catalogs. Then follow the spacing instructions and watering schedule.
Finally, if you make cucumbers and end up with hollowed out cucumbers, the cause may be a delay between picking the cucumbers and pickling. Use your cucumbers within 24 hours of picking, if possible, or refrigerate them until the time of picking. To check for hollow cucumbers, look for cucumbers that float when you wash them.

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