How to prevent leeks from going wild and going to seed

Leek is an unusual but delicious vegetable to grow in the garden. They look a lot like onions and are often used in gourmet cooking. A common problem for gardeners with these alliums is that of bolted leeks. Once the leeks have been chipped, they become hard and inedible. Below are some tips on how to stop the leeks from flowering or climbing.

Why a leek plant ? Flowers and pins

When many plants are boiled or go to seed, such as broccoli or basil, this is due to hot temperatures. With leeks it is different. When leeks go to seed, it is usually because they are exposed to optimal temperatures followed by cold temperatures. In other words, the flowering of leeks is due to cold weather and not to hot weather.

When a leek flowers, it makes the neck or lower stem of the leek woody and hard and the leek becomes bitter. Although technically you can still eat leeks that have gone to seed, you probably won’t like the taste.

How to prevent leeks from blooming

The first thing to do to stop the spread of leeks is to plant them at the right time. Although leeks can survive sub-zero temperatures, they are more likely to go to seed later if they are exposed to sub-zero temperatures. This means that you should plant leeks when daytime temperatures are consistently above 7°C (45°F).

If you plan to grow a leek crop in winter, plan to harvest them in early spring, as they will escape fairly quickly after the warm temperatures arrive.

Apart from climate, excess fertilizer is probably the second cause of rabid leeks. Avoid fertilizing when planting leeks and during their growth. If you want to add fertilizer to the leeks, do it at least one season before planting. Use a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content and a lower phosphorus content.

Another thing you can do to prevent the leek from flowering is to plant smaller plants. Make sure that your leek grafts are thinner than the width of a normal straw.

In the garden of the house, it is also preferable to harvest smaller leeks. The larger the leek plants are, the more likely they are to produce a leek flower.

It is possible to grow leeks at home and prevent them from spoiling and ruining all your work. With this knowledge, you can avoid a bed full of spoiled leeks.

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