Sun Devil’s Lettuce Care: Growing Sun Devil’s Lettuce Plants

There are so many varieties of lettuce to choose from these days, but it’s always worth returning to the good old iceberg. These crisp, refreshing salads are excellent in salad mixes, but many are not suitable for warm climates. For a heat-tolerant iceberg lettuce, Sun Devil is an excellent choice.

About Sun Devil Lettuce

Sun Devil is a kind of iceberg lettuce. Also known as crisp head varieties, iceberg lettuces form tightly packed leaf heads that have a high water content and are crunchy and have a mild flavour. Iceberg lettuces are also popular because they can be picked whole and can be stored in the refrigerator without being washed for up to two weeks. You can remove the leaves for washing and use them as needed.

Sun Devil’s lettuce heads grow between 15 and 30 cm high and wide, and are easily and well produced. Sun Devil is also unique in that it is an iceberg variety that truly thrives in hot, desert climates. It is a good choice for areas such as Southern California, Texas and Arizona.

Enjoy your Sun Devil lettuce leaves in salads and sandwiches, but also in surprising ways. You can use the large leaves as tortillas to make tacos and wraps. You can even sear, braise or grill quarter or half heads of lettuce to make a unique vegetable side dish.

Lettuce Growing Sun Devil

When planting Sun Devil’s lettuce, start with the seed. You can start with the seeds inside and then transplant them outside, or you can sow the seeds directly into the soil. The choice may depend on your climate and time of year. In spring, start indoors before the last frost. In late summer or early fall, sow the seeds outdoors.

Caring for Sun Devil’s lettuce also means giving your plants and transplants a place in full sun and well-drained soil. Use raised beds if necessary and enrich the soil with fertilizer. Make sure there is room for the heads to grow by spacing the transplants apart or thinning the seedlings until they are 9 to 12 cm (23 to 30 cm) apart.

Sun Devil takes about 60 days to mature, so harvest your lettuce by removing the entire head when you’re ready.

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