What is Jack Ice Lettuce: Learning to Grow Jack Ice Plants

Fresh home-grown lettuce is a favourite of both novice and expert gardeners. Tender and succulent lettuce is a garden delight in the fall, winter and spring. These highly adaptable plants, which grow well in cooler temperatures, thrive well in raised beds, in pots and when planted directly on the ground. With a multitude of colours and types to choose from, it’s easy to see why lettuce seeds are such a popular addition to the garden for those who want to grow their own vegetables. An open-pollinated variety of lettuce, Jack Ice, is capable of adapting to some of the most difficult growing conditions.

What is Jack ice lettuce?

Jack Ice is a variety of lettuce that was first introduced by experienced seed grower Frank Morton. Chosen for its ability to withstand cool, frigid temperatures and heat tolerance, this crisp lettuce offers growers a bountiful harvest of tender green leaves within 45-60 days of planting.

Growing Jack Ice Lettuce

Growing Jack Ice Crisphead lettuce is very similar to growing other varieties of garden lettuce. First of all, gardeners must determine the best time to plant. Planting Jack Ice lettuce seeds should be done at the beginning or end of the growing season, when the weather is still cool, as this is when many green leaves develop.

Spring plantings are usually done about a month before the last expected frost date. Although plants do not survive when temperatures are too low, too much hot weather can cause plants to become bitter and splice (start seeding).

Although lettuce plants can be started indoors, one of the most common practices is direct planting. Growers can start the growing season by planting in cold frames as well as containers. Those who cannot start lettuce seeds early in the season can also benefit from the winter planting method as lettuce seeds are very receptive to this technique.

Lettuce can be harvested when the plants reach the desired size or at full maturity. Although many people like to harvest small amounts of younger, smaller leaves, the whole head of lettuce can also be harvested when it is allowed to reach full maturity.

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