Sow potatoes

Seeds or tubers?

To sow potatoes there are various methods, one of them is to plant normal potatoes cut in half, but this is a system that can lead to several complications, it is therefore advisable to buy mini tubers sold specifically for sowing that have over all health certifications in order. The mini tubers also give a higher yield, each mini-tuber produces an average of 1kg of potatoes. On the market there are various types of mini-tubers that give life to potatoes with different culinary characteristics based on the texture of the pulp. The concept of seed seems to be different from the concept of tuber, but in this case it can be said that they are the same thing, in essence the tuber is planted as if it were a seed which in turn gives life to other tubers or seeds from which they sprout plants with white flowers.

Prepare the ground

The practice of using mini-seed tubers, to sow potatoes, is not the only attention to be taken to prevent the potatoes from growing sick, it is necessary to use land that has not previously been cultivated with other potatoes or other solanaceae, such as aubergines, peppers. etc. at least for the two years preceding sowing, since the soil could have contracted the pathologies that will transfer to our potatoes. We need to start choosing the right soil which must be of medium texture, therefore neither too sandy nor too clayey. Tilt the soil to allow aeration, a procedure called plowing to be carried out with various tools such as hoe, shovel, etc. being careful not to leave clods that can cause dangerous stagnation for our crops. Finally, use suitable fertilizers.

Fertilizers and sowing periods

Fertilization is very important for the quality and health of crops, the most suitable fertilizers for sowing potatoes are those rich in potassium and manure. Once our soil has been enriched, we will proceed with the furrowing, that is to create furrows in the ground that will host the mini-tubers that must not be planted too deep, generally thirty centimeters deep are sufficient and thirty centimeters distance between a tuber and the other, this allows the potatoes to proliferate and the plant to grow without difficulty, sowing the tubers too close can cause collapses during growth and determine a minimum development. For a productive sowing it is necessary to plant the tubers when the night temperatures never drop below freezing, on average the best period is between April and May.

Sowing potatoes: Ripening cycles

The growth times of potatoes vary mainly according to the type of mini-tuber used, the best thing to do is to choose the type based on our climatic zone. We have said that to sow potatoes, night temperatures must not drop below zero degrees but that of the soil must be between seven and twenty-five degrees so, if we have a short vegetative season we will choose early seeds and if we have a fast one, late seeds. The various types of mini-tubers have harvest times ranging from sixty-five days to up to ninety days. It is therefore necessary to inquire during the purchase phase of the maturation duration of the seeds. However, we provide a small list of tubers: – Kennebec variety – has a cycle of about 80 days, floury pulp,

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