Sow potatoes

How to sow

To sow potatoes, just keep the tubers we collected earlier, in order to be sure of the quality. Alternatively we can simply buy some common potatoes, cook them and leave some for planting. We will keep them in the dark and, by passing some time, we will notice that the first sprouts will sprout. From those potatoes it is possible to start a new cultivation. If the potato has more than one pair of sprouts, it is possible to cut it and sow more portions of potatoes to obtain a yield identical to the original potato. Following the ancient farming traditions, potatoes should be sown in the waning moon phases. The small sprout will very soon produce a seedling that will emerge from the earth within a couple of weeks and then develop quickly.

Cares for the seedlings

After having proceeded to sow the potatoes with the sprout strictly facing upwards, we will have to irrigate abundantly without overdoing it. The plants will be placed about thirty centimeters from each other and 80cm apart on the rows to allow manual operations. In this way the plants will be able to develop freely. For cultivation on fairly large gardens, it may be advisable to install a fixed irrigation system. In the garden of the house the classic watering can is just fine. The interventions will have to support the normal seasonal rains in spring and guarantee water in the summer periods of drought. The potato is a plant that grows well with a soil that is never completely dry, although it is correct not to overdo it to avoid other types of problems related to the development of the tuber.

Soil and fertilization

The preparation of the soil will be done with a hoeing and a digging of depth, at least to 40cm. The rows where the potatoes will be sown can be enriched with mature manure and compost. The land must be adequately rich in nutrients before it can accommodate cultivation. So it is better to enrich the soil as early as autumn, several months before the potatoes are planted. Periodically we will have to intervene with weed removal works. The potato plant will be tucked 2-3 times during the life, adding new soil to the base. It would be advisable to avoid repeating the same cultivation on the plot of land intended for potatoes. For 3-4 years not even the other plants belonging to the Solanaceae family can be grown in the usual place,

Sowing Potatoes: Exposure and Diseases

Potatoes can grow in places with very different climates. The average or abundant rainfall is well tolerated and the cultivation does not fear either cool temperatures or a fairly hot summer. We must avoid that the drought leaves the plants completely dry of water and, by irrigating regularly in summer, we can also solve this type of climatic situation. Alternariasis is a disease that can affect cultivation and can be identified by an abnormal coloration of the leaf apparatus. Pests like Colorado can also attack the plant. in the event that the problems become serious it may be essential to resort to a pesticide or a pyrethrum-based product. The potatoes are harvested when the aerial part is completely folded and yellowed.

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