What is spinach burn? Learn more about the spinach-cucumber mosaic virus

It is difficult to control everything in your orchard. Pest and disease problems are likely to occur. In the case of spinach, a common problem is both a pest and a disease. Spinach blight is spread by certain insect vectors. The full name is «spinach-cucumber mosaic virus» and it also affects other plants. Find out the causes of the disease and the best treatment available for spinach blight.

What is spinach burn?

Fresh spinach is nutritious, delicious and fast growing. From seed to table, it usually takes only a month before you can start harvesting the soft, tender leaves from the babies. Spinach blight is a problem that can quickly decimate your tasty crop. What is spinach blight? Spinach blight is a virus that is spread by grasshoppers, aphids and cucumber beetles. It exists

There is no treatment for this disease, so prevention is your best option.

Cucumber mosaic virus in spinach starts with a yellowing of the leaves. This chlorosis spreads and the crown leaves become wrinkled and deformed. The leaves may curl inward. Growth slows down and young plants that are affected early may die. The leaves thin out like paper, almost as if they were soaked in water. If insect pests are present, even a single infected plant will spread them to others in the crop. The disease can also be transmitted by mechanical means or by handling the plants.

The virus causing spinach blight , Marmor cucumeris , also survives in seeds of wild cucumber, cotton seed, ground cherry and marijuana.

Spinach Burn Treatment

At the first sign of infection, lift the plant up and throw it away. The virus can survive in compost piles, so it is best to get rid of the plant. At the end of each season, clean up all plant debris.

Before planting and during the growing season, keep host weeds out of the orchard. Protect plants from aphid sucking activities by using vegetable oil sprays and encouraging beneficial insects such as ladybugs and spiders.

High temperatures seem to favour the spread of the disease. Provide cool shade on hot days. Do not grow spinach near cucurbits and other susceptible vegetables.

There are several commercial seed varieties that are resistant to the disease. Your best chance against cucumber mosaic virus in spinach may be to use these cultivars. Try these resistant spinach varieties:

  • Melody F1
  • Savoy Hybrid 612F
  • Tyee
  • Butter
  • Renegade
  • Virginia-Savoy
  • Avon
  • Bloomsdale Savoy
  • Early hybrid

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