What’s a Hokkaido blue pumpkin? Discover the care given to the Kuri blue pumpkin

If you like pumpkin but want to diversify, try growing blue
Pumpkin plants from Hokkaido. What is a Hokkaido blue pumpkin? One of the most
A prolific and versatile winter
varieties of pumpkins available, plus, it’s beautiful. Read on to find out more
Information about Blue Hokkaido, including the culture and care of Blue Kuri (Hokkaido)

What’s a Hokkaido blue pumpkin?

Blue Hokkaido, also known as the Blue Kuri Pumpkin, is a
Japanese Kabocha open-pollinated pumpkin, with a much longer shelf
life than other types of Kabocha. Typical Kabocha pumpkin, Hokkaido blue
The pumpkin ( Curcurbita maxima ) has a
flattened balloon shape with, as its name suggests, a bluish grey colour.

More information about Hokkaido Blue

The golden meat of

The blue kuri is soft and can be used in
desserts, as well as in sweet and savoury side dishes. It tends to be in the
dry side; however, after being stored for a few months, it will get wet.

Hokkaido blue pumpkin seedlings need a lot of space to grow.
and can be expected to produce 3 to 8 pumpkins per plant. The average weight is
between 1 and 2 kg, although they can grow up to 10 pounds
(4.5 kg.).

The beautiful blue-grey pumpkin, or gourd as some people call it.
is also magnificent as a central piece, carved or not, alone or in
combination with other pumpkins, gourds
and pumpkins.

Growing Hokkaido Blue Squash

Sow the seeds indoors from May to June or directly in the
garden in fertile, well-drained soil after all possibility of frost has disappeared. Sow
seeds to a depth of one inch. The seeds will germinate in 5 to 10 days. Once
seedlings have two true sets of leaves, transplant them in a sunny area
of the garden in rows separated by 1 to 2 metres.

The pumpkin should be ready to harvest in about 90 days from
of the plantation. Let the pumpkin dry in the sun for a few days before storing it.
This pumpkin can be stored for several months or even a year.

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