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Kangaroo Damage – How to keep kangaroos out of my garden

As human development goes deeper into the forest, more and more people come into contact with kangaroos. Unfortunately, pastures and lush gardens are often attractive grazing areas, further attracting kangaroos to urban areas. Kangaroo damage is a problem that so far has no universal solution. However, there are known ways to deter kangaroos. Below is information on how to keep kangaroos away and prevent the damage they cause.

Keeping kangaroos out of my garden

Kangaroos in the garden can cause significant damage by eating a variety of plants, from flower beds to fruit trees and more. In fact, there are few plants that kangaroos don’t eat! That said, the plants they least prefer seem to be thorny or very aromatic, but like deer in the garden, when it comes time to push them, even these don’t stop their insatiable taste buds.

The following plants are less attractive for kangaroos, although this is by no means a complete test:

  • Grevillea
  • Callistemon
  • Hibbertia
  • The kangaroo’s foot
  • The Tea Tree of Hope
  • Brushing the emu
  • Camelaucium wax flower
  • The Purple Beaufortia

Once the kangaroos have decided they can eat a plant, it is likely that they will drop it. Sometimes the fence is enough and it’s a good first step, but kangaroos are known to make their way through it. If you have a fence to keep cattle out and kangaroos in, it can be especially devastating.

The best way to reduce damage caused by kangaroo plants and prevent kangaroos from entering your garden is to make the area undesirable as a habitat.

Cut down trees to reduce shade and protected areas. Reduce large open areas to move around by planting low bushes. In remaining open areas, keep grass cut to reduce grazing capacity.

Install motion detection lights in your garden to discourage nighttime feeding. Hang noise barriers, such as cans, near your yard and along your property.

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