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Getting rid of peacocks: tips for controlling peacocks in the garden

Peacocks are fascinating creatures, especially the males with their magnificent display of tail feathers. They have long been used on farms and ranches as early warning systems because of their piercing cries. Birds move in the wild and are known to cause considerable damage to the neighbourhoods they colonize. Peacock control is essential for the gardener who wants to protect his tender plants, cars, canvases, screen doors and much more. It is not necessary to have a gun or a trap to get rid of peacocks; it is enough to be smarter than the birds.

The fight against peacocks in the garden

Almost everyone agrees that peacocks are beautiful birds. However, they tend to become boring animals in domestic situations. Stories abound of birds digging garden beds and making holes in the dust, ripping out screened doors with their claws, and pecking at their own image when seen in expensive, shiny cars.

Often peacocks can be gotten rid of by simply chasing them with a good hose. However, if your garden is welcoming and you have a lot of good things to do

eating, peacocks that eat plants can become a way of life for you without serious intervention.

How to stop a peacock

Males can be very aggressive, especially during the nesting season. They attack other males or even the image of another peacock and damage cars, windows, skylights and any reflective surfaces. Prevention is the best remedy.

  • Do not feed peacocks and do not hit them when you can with water.
  • You can protect garden beds with wire fences and place brightly colored banners over any planting area. Birds can fly over a fence, but banners can scare them away if they dare to try.
  • If you don’t have one yet, get a dog. Dogs will hunt birds, but they probably won’t be able to catch or hurt them.
  • Use nets to control peacocks in the garden and prevent them from eating all your produce.

Persistence and noise are the best methods to dissuade a peacock from living in your garden.

Control of serious and non-lethal peacocks

Well, you’ve had enough and you want not only to deter, but to get rid of peacocks forever. If you don’t want to cheat, use air rifles or wrist rockets to eliminate the creatures, try a little modern warfare.

  • There is a sprinkler system that has a motion sensor and sprays the birds when it detects them. It is activated by their movements and is simply connected to a garden hose.
  • You can also use red pepper flakes around fruits and vegetables in the garden. This is not very sporting, but animals peck and scratch the soil and will find the flakes a little too hot for their taste. This will at least prevent the peacocks from eating plants.
  • It is useful to place a stake in the garden bed to prevent entry. Simply insert the stakes to prevent them from falling into the ground. They will not try to enter for fear of being trapped.

If all else fails, try your local animal control and see if they catch and take the birds to a safe, non-domestic place to live their noisy lives where they won’t disturb you and your plants.

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