10 aromatic plants to control pests of the organic garden

By including aromatic and medicinal plants among the garden crops we are controlling the proliferation of pests in a natural way and without the need to use harmful synthetic chemicals.

With just a few aromatic plants we will be creating more balanced ecosystems that will regulate themselves and will avoid pests in the garden in the future. These plants also improve biodiversity and favor the proliferation and activity of bees and other pollinators , which are so necessary.

Some plants that you should include in the organic garden

Savory: repels aphids and weevils from legumes and the onion fly.

Wormwood : fight the potato beetle, worms, spider mites and caterpillars.

Basil : repels mildew, highly recommended its cultivation together with pepper and tomato plants, the latter also helps by keeping away the white fly. It also prevents spider mite infestations.

Nasturtium : repels the attack of aphids, ants, snails, whiteflies and is capable of attracting beneficial insects.

Chives : excellent companion to carrots that repels pests, it also helps apple trees to prevent rust.

Fennel : avoid aphid pests in some fruit trees such as apple or plum trees.

Nettle : this plant, in addition to being very useful for making all kinds of preparations, is also very beneficial for repelling aphids from crops if we sow it nearby. It also repels fungi on plants grown near nettle.

Rosemary : repels pests that attack cabbages, beans or carrots

Salvia : fights nematodes

Thyme : prevents the attacks of the cabbage butterfly

And finally, although it is not an aromatic plant, the use of ash on the ground around the plants is very useful to avoid the attacks of slugs and snails .

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