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Hedge Trimmer – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

Hedges are shrubs used to form walls, divide land, provide privacy in gardens, among other things. They are composed of living plants, which are always growing and losing beauty. Therefore, it is important to acquire a hedge trimmer, to prune the bushes, giving them oval, straight, triangular shapes, etc. A recommended hedge trimmer is the Einhell GE-PH 2555A, which runs on gasoline and has a two-stroke engine with 850 W power. In addition, another optimal model is the Bosch AHS 70-34, which works directly connected to the household current and has a power of 700 W.

Comparison table

Opinions on the best hedge trimmers on the market

There are many good quality models on the market, so it is difficult to know which is the best hedge trimmer, especially if you are a beginner gardener. In this way, it is best to review the characteristics of each hedge trimmer and compare them with your needs and preferences. Below, we present some of these products.

petrol hedge trimmer

Einhell GE-PH 2555A

× >If you are looking for the best hedge trimmer on the market, perhaps this product is the most suitable for you, since it has a 850 W 2-stroke engine, and it is also low-vibration, which makes it more comfortable to use when cutting hedges. in the garden.

In addition to this, this gasoline hedge trimmer has a simple start, so that the start-up will be quick. On the other hand, it has double-edged safety blades, which have been laser cut from steel. This means that the hedge trimmer will offer great efficiency when cutting branches of various sizes.

The handle, for its part, can be placed in different positions, adjusting it to the needs of the moment and facilitating cutting in tall or short bushes. Also, this handle is comfortable to use, since it does not receive vibrations from the motor.

It could be the best hedge trimmer of the moment, so reviewing the following characteristics will go a long way in helping you make a wise purchase decision.


Gasoline: It works with gasoline, which will help to work more easily in gardens of various sizes, without the need to use long cables to reach high hedges.

Power: The engine is 2-stroke and reaches a power of 850 W, which is useful for trimming various bushes in a short time.

Ignition: It has both electronic and manual ignition, so that you choose the way in which you will activate the hedge trimmer.

Blades: They have been cut with precision through laser, so that they have a double edge, for a precise and efficient cut.


Weight: It may be a bit heavy for complex gardening jobs where you will have to spend hours pruning, since it weighs 5.45 kg.

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Parker PGMT-5200

× >It is one of the best hedge trimmers of 2022, since it has a fairly efficient 2-stroke engine, which makes your most difficult projects easily done in a short time. In addition, it is a gasoline telescopic hedge trimmer, so you can reach tall bushes without having to climb stairs, simply use the extension cord and reach places that you could not prune before.

In addition to this, the engine of this height hedge trimmer has a displacement of 52 cc, so that it uses less fuel and its efficiency when cutting is greater. In this way, the motor reaches a power of 2200 W and 7200 rpm.

On the other hand, we mention that this gasoline hedge trimmer is multifunctional, since it is not only used for hedges, but also works as a lawnmower, chainsaw or brushcutter. In other words, by purchasing this product you will enjoy several tools to perform various types of tasks.

If you don’t know which hedge trimmer to buy, we recommend you take a look at this model, as it has features that have met the expectations of many people.


Engine: It is gasoline and has an optimal displacement of 52 cc, while offering a power of 2200 watts, useful for carrying out your gardening projects smoothly.

Arm: It comes with a telescopic arm that you can use to reach places that you did not have access to before.

Accessories: This product comes with a harness, protective clothing and various accessories that you will need when working.


Thread: According to some buyers, the thread it comes with is not of very good quality and changing it is a complicated task.

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electric hedge trimmer

Bosch AHS 70-34

× >Although it is not one of the cheapest hedge trimmers, it is worth buying as it has a 700W motor, so it cuts branches up to 38mm in diameter. In addition, it has an ergonomic handle that you can place in the position that seems best to you when cutting hedges. The latter minimizes muscle tension in the arms and back.

On the other hand, this electric hedge trimmer has a cutting length of 55 cm long, to carry out gardening work more quickly. Also, it should be noted that the space between each blade is 26 mm.

In addition to this, it works with alternating current, so you will not need the use of fuel. Even because it weighs only 3.8 Kg you can use this product to cut 2 meter high hedges without getting too tired.

For those who do not know which is the best brand of hedge trimmer, Bosch may be the answer, as it has a lot of experience in the manufacture of power tools.


Handle: It has an anti-vibration handle that is adjustable in different positions, so that the hedge trimmer will be much more comfortable to use.

Electric: It is connected to the electrical current, so it is not necessary to stop the work to refuel the engine.

Speed: In a few minutes you will have a completely pruned bush, thanks to the fact that it offers a speed of 3400 rpm in its blades.


Price: It has a high price compared to other models on the Internet, however, this does not affect its quality and effectiveness for cutting hedges.

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Tacklife GHT1A-ES

× >For some people, this is the best price-quality hedge trimmer at the moment, as it is one of the cheapest and offers efficiency when cutting hedges in the garden.

In addition, this electric hedge trimmer has a comfortable handle with three possible operating angles, so you can use the one you want or depending on the bush you are going to prune.

On the other hand, the blades have been laser finished, so they have a sharp edge capable of cutting branches up to 20 mm thick. This means that you will make the task of trimming hedges at home easier. Even this device has a safety system through which it is possible to stop the blades immediately before a possible collision. Also, on the handle that is near the blades you can use a transparent protector whose purpose is to protect your hands from possible accidents.

It is one of the cheapest hedge trimmers, but it does not stop being effective for that reason, so we present its most outstanding qualities.


Power: It has a power of 600 W capable of cutting hedges fluently.

Handles: It has two handles, one near the blades and another that you can use at three different angles.

Security: If you activate the security function you will have a button on each handle to stop the blades immediately.


Cover: It would be nice if the package included a cover or carrying case, however, this does not in any way affect the correct operation of the hedge trimmer.

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Bosch hedge trimmer

Bosch AHS45-16

× >This Bosch hedge trimmer offers the user a power of 420 watts, which is sufficient for domestic use and hedges up to 1 meter high. In addition, it is a comfortable machine, since it has a weight of 2.6 kg, so you can do long jobs without getting too tired. It even has two handles that you can take to prune with greater precision.

It should be noted that his sword is 45 cm long, so it will be used to make cuts in small bushes and corners of the garden easily. In addition to this, the distance between each blade is 16 mm, so it does not get stuck with any branch.

Its idle speed is 3400 rpm, so it won’t take you long to cut hedges in your home garden. In addition, this machine will be used to make vertical or horizontal cuts.

When we want the hedges of our house to look elegant and striking, we need tools like the Bosch AHS 45-16 to help us achieve that goal, so we present its most important features.


Motor: It has a 420 W motor capable of cutting hedges up to 1 m high in a few minutes.

Electric: It is a hedge trimmer that is connected directly to the electrical power of the home, operating with 220 V.

Weight: Because it weighs only 2.6 kg, it is light and comfortable enough to use for long gardening days.


Cable: The power cable is very short, so the user who purchases it may also need to purchase an extension cord before using it.

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battery hedge trimmer

Black+Decker GTC1845L20-QW

× >This battery hedge trimmer has several outstanding features, for example, its lightness, since it weighs only 2.6 Kg, which is advantageous if you are going to work with it for several hours. It also has double-edged blades, so that the cut is much cleaner and the machine vibrates less.

In addition to this, this power tool has two safety buttons, one on each handle, so you can stop the blades when necessary. It even serves to cut the edges of hedges with precision, since the sword is 45 cm long and the distance between each blade is 18 mm.

On the other hand, its battery is 2 amps and charges in approximately 3 hours. In addition to this, we mention that with a single charge you can cut up to 150 linear meters of hedges.

The advantages of this product are diverse, however, here we present both its positive and negative aspects.


Efficiency: It is capable of cutting up to 150 linear meters if you fully charge its battery.

Compatibility: Uses 18V batteries and is compatible with the same batteries used in Black+Decker cordless drills, saws and blowers.

Sword: The edge of the blades was made by laser, in addition, the sword is 45 cm long.


Efficiency: It only cuts thin branches, so it is not suitable for complex jobs.

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telescopic hedge trimmer

Einhell GE-HH 18 Li T Solo

× >If you want a telescopic hedge trimmer so you don’t have to use ladders and easily cut taller hedges, this may be the product you need. It has a telescopic aluminum handle and an additional handle for greater comfort.

In addition, it has a 45 cm long sword and very well sharpened blades with laser technology and diamond polished, so that it cuts with precision up to 12 mm diameter branches. Even the distance between each blade is 16mm, so it won’t get stuck easily.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this electric telescopic hedge trimmer weighs 4.28 kg, so you can work for long periods of time with this hedge trimmer. In addition to this, according to the manufacturer, this device is capable of making approximately 1,700 cuts per minute, thanks to its 710 W power.

In this section you can find the most important pros and cons of this Einhell hedge trimmer, so pay close attention to each feature.


Power: It uses an 18 V battery and has a power of 710 W. This means that it can accurately cut branches up to 12 mm.

Flexibility: It is quite flexible thanks to the fact that the main handle and the motor can be tilted according to the needs of the moment.

Strap: The package includes a practical strap to hang the hedge trimmer on the shoulder, in this way the weight distribution is balanced.


Battery: The package does not come with a battery, however, you can purchase it separately without inconvenience.

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hedge shears

Gruntek Grizzly

× >These are practical hedgecutters that you can use to reach those leaves that you cannot reach with other tools. These shears have aluminum handles with non-slip grips, so even sweaty hands won’t interrupt your work in the garden.

In addition, this tool comes with two types of blades, one made of Japanese steel and the other made of metal. The latter is adjustable so that the cut is done with greater precision.

It should be noted that it is a scissors with which it will be possible to cut branches of up to 3 cm in diameter, so its edge has nothing to envy to other tools on the market. It even measures 47 cm long and weighs only 687 grams, so you can use it in complex gardening days, because you will not tire quickly with them.

This tool is essential for your garden to be well pruned, so perhaps reviewing the following characteristics will help you in choosing the best hedge trimmer.


Efficiency: It does not need electricity or fuel like other hedge trimmers on the market, and you can easily transport these scissors anywhere.

Leaves: It has two leaves, one of which is adjustable. In addition, the length of the blade is 6 cm.

Grips: The handles have two comfortable green grips to hold the scissors very precisely.


Screw: According to some buyers, one of the screws is a little out of adjustment, however, by tightening this inconvenience it is solved.

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Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna 226HD75S

× >It is a tool that works with gasoline, so you do not need to recharge batteries from time to time, but simply fill its fuel tank again. In addition to this, it has a power of 850 W, thanks to its efficient X-Torq motor. The latter increases fuel efficiency by 20% and reduces toxic gases by 60%. In addition, the motor offers a displacement of 23.6 cm³ and the blades of the bar are both sharp and robust, being able to cut branches up to 22 mm thick.

Likewise, it should be noted that the Husqvarna hedge trimmer is very comfortable to use, since it has the LowVib shock absorber system, absorbing the vibration of the motor. In this way, the person’s hands and arms get less tired.

On the other hand, the rear handle of the hedge trimmer offers flexibility, so you can adjust it to the position you need to reach the corners and high parts of the hedges.

Getting to know a hedge trimmer like this is very easy, but it is best to understand what each of its features is for. Here we explain several of them.


Power: The motor has a power of 850 W, thanks to which it is possible to cut hedges and branches of different sizes without the blades getting stuck.

Speed: This hedge trimmer offers a maximum speed of 8,500 rpm, so you can complete your gardening projects in less time than with other tools.

Sword: The sword has quite sharp blades and is 75 cm long, so you will be cutting through a lot of leaves and branches with just one pass.


Weight: Using this hedge trimmer could tire you more than with other models, since it weighs 6 Kg.

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How to choose the best hedge trimmers?

Many people get a little complicated when choosing the hedge trimmer to trim trees and shrubs, as there are many options on the Internet. However, in this article we present the guide to buying the best hedge trimmer, so take into account every piece of advice we give you there.

× >Shopping guide

Types of hedge trimmers

We recommend that you know the different types of hedge trimmers that exist before asking yourself how much a specific one costs, because the effectiveness of your choice will largely depend on it. In other words, there is a hedge trimmer for every need. For example, there are the electric ones, which in order to work must be connected to the alternating current of the home, for example, with a voltage of 220 V.

This first type of hedge trimmer has the advantage that you do not need to refuel or charge the battery to use it for long periods of time. In addition, the power of these is greater than that of other types of hedge trimmers, because they are directly connected to the current.

The most important disadvantage of these electrical devices is that they require cables or even extension cords, which sometimes get tangled up with plants or things you have in the garden.

On the other hand, there are battery hedge trimmers, which do not need cumbersome cables to work. This also means that they offer easier access to the corners or corners of bushes, as well as the tops of hedges. However, the downside of these devices is that they run down every so often, so you’ll have to stop your garden work until they recharge their batteries.

In another order of ideas, we can mention the gasoline hedge trimmers, which normally have more power than the previous ones. Also, they don’t need cables to run them either, just fuel. If you want a compact and cordless hedge trimmer, but with enough power, perhaps one of these will work for you. However, the disadvantage of these models of hedge trimmers is that they run out of fuel and you must fill their tanks to continue trimming the garden.

Of course, when talking about the types of hedge trimmers we can also mention the telescopic ones, as these will be used to prune very high hedges without having to move and use the ladders often.


In a comparison of hedge trimmers, power is one of the features that you should never ignore. Thanks to the power, the motor and the blades will give better results, regardless of the hardness or size of the hedges. For example, some hedge trimmers used in demanding jobs get stuck and users don’t know why, but this usually happens when the power of the tool is too low for the thickness or hardness of the leaves and branches to be cut.

We recommend that you buy a hedge trimmer with a power greater than 500 W if you want to carry out complex gardening work. Instead, you should buy a hedge trimmer with more power if the branches and leaves to be cut are harder and thicker. In addition, the latter also applies to users who need to use the hedge trimmer for several hours at a time, for example professional gardeners.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the power often affects the price of the hedge trimmer, however, you can buy an expensive or cheap product, depending on the budget you have. The most important thing is that you like it and above all that it serves the task you want to perform with it.


Speed ​​is measured in revolutions per minute and is abbreviated rpm. This provides slower or faster performance to the hedge trimmer. If you find this type of information in the product description, check that the hedge trimmer has more than 3000 rpm, because that way it will be very fast when cutting.

In this sense, gardening experts may require a hedge trimmer with more than 4000 rpm, so that they can carry out their work more quickly.

× >blade length

Also known as a sword or saber, the blade is the one that turns and cuts the hedges, therefore, its length is taken into account when buying one of these devices.

In addition, the blade blades must be well sharpened, if possible using laser technology and diamond polished. This will help the gardener a lot and even if the blade is short, he will be able to cut almost any type of hedge effectively.

It is also important to take into account the distance between the blades or teeth of the bar, as this influences the size of the branches that the machine can cut.

On the other hand, we mentioned that, depending on the size of the hedges you are going to cut, you will need a short or long blade; some hedge trimmers have them from 50 cm onwards, others a little smaller.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a hedge trimmer?

The first thing you should do is connect the hedge trimmer to a power source, we recommend having the cable behind you and the blades facing up. Next, choose how you want to cut the hedges, the most common shape is A as this allows for healthy growth of the main stems and roots. However, there are other cuts that give it a square or rounded shape. On the other hand, use this device at its minimum speed while you get used to it and fully understand its operation. Also, use it with both hands for more balance and stability when cutting. At the end, collect all the dry branches with a rake and throw them in a suitable container.

Q2: How to sharpen a hedge trimmer?

To sharpen a hedge trimmer we must place it on a flat surface and, of course, we must unplug the device from the power source. Later, use a tool to sharpen the blades, it can be a sandpaper. Run the sharpening tool across the blades, without exerting too much pressure. Next, clean the dust with a soft cloth, to polish the metal.

It should be noted that you should wear protective glasses and gloves, especially if instead of manual sandpaper you use an automatic one.

Q3: How to change the blades of a hedge trimmer?

Before doing so, use gloves to avoid cutting yourself while performing this task. Then, with a wrench you must loosen the fastening screws. At that moment and for greater security, block the blade with a board. Once this step is done you have to look at the state of the blades. If they are damaged, the change is mandatory, otherwise, perhaps with a sanding they work correctly again. Finally, you must mount the retaining screws until the blades are fixed.

Q4: How to prune with hedge trimmers?

To prune the hedges it is important that you take into account the time of year, according to some experts they recommend that it be on dry days. Also, to give it a rounded shape start by cutting upwards about three inches from the top of the hedge. Then angle the blades toward the center to create a curve, and repeat the cut to the other side.

On the other hand, if you want to give it a square shape, move the hedge trimmer with the flat blades towards the top of the hedge. This task requires a lot of practice, at first the cut may not be precise, but for that reason do not be discouraged. Wait for the hedges to grow back and repeat the task until you gain experience.

Q5: How to oil a hedge trimmer?

The gearbox of this device has a plug, which you must remove to apply the grease. It is worth mentioning that the latter must be special for the type of motor that your hedge trimmer uses.

In addition, depending on the model of the hedge trimmer, you should apply the grease every so often, for example, every 25 or 50 hours of use. However, for best results and the protection of your equipment, we recommend that you verify this information in the instruction manual or by calling the manufacturer of your hedge trimmer.

Q6: How to repair an electric hedge trimmer?

There are a large number of faults that can affect an electric hedge trimmer. Among the most common we have the overheating of the blades. Other common problems could be that the motor works, but the blades do not move, in addition, the loss of force or the appliance does not cut well, etc.

For each of them there is a way to repair, which can be done by you in some cases and others you will have to resort to a specialist. Also, when a hedge trimmer loses strength and doesn’t cut well, the first thing you should do is check if it has been properly greased. If you put the grease on it and its failure continues the same, check the motor brushes, they may be worn. You can also check the winding, but if the problem is greater, it is best to take the hedge trimmer to the manufacturer’s technical service.

Q7: How to clean the resin from the hedge trimmer?

One of the first ways to clean the resin is by applying petroleum or methylated spirits with a brush, after doing so apply an antioxidant. You can also clean the blades by removing the dust with a brush and applying a special spade spray, which you can find online or at a garden store. It should be noted that you should not use water to clean your machine, much less if it is an electric hedge trimmer.

Q8: How to disassemble a hedge trimmer?

This task is a bit difficult for people who have never used a screwdriver, as this is the most important tool to have on hand. First of all, remove the screws that join the bar to the motor and save them so that they don’t get lost. Then when you remove the sword you need to loosen a few screws that hold the blades together. It should be noted that most hedge trimmers come with two blades. Finally, once the screws have been removed from the sword, separate the blades.

Normally, the blades are disassembled to change them or sharpen them. However, the area where the hedge trimmer motor is located can also be uncovered to check the brushes or other components. The latt

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