10 blue flowers for your garden

Of the wide diversity of species with flowers that exist on the planet, less than 10% have blue flowers. They are difficult flowers to find given the rarity of their shades, which range from light blue, aquamarine, to navy blue. Regardless of the shade of blue they offer, these plants excite gardeners and florists alike.

Flowering plants are often the favorites of gardening lovers, since they are species that brighten up environments with their colored flowers, which can come in different shades; some even have different shades between their same petals.

However, blue flowers are a unique species, since they have the peculiarity of offering this attractive color. Since they are plants of great beauty that attract a lot of attention due to their unusual tones, they are highly appreciated by gardeners, florists and expert landscapers.

The blue color evokes the sea, the water and the sky; therefore, they are species of flowers that provide gardens and interior spaces with a touch of light and a small connotation of freedom and freshness.

Blue plants are best grown in humid environments or in shady gardens, as they are rarely a sun-resistant species. Therefore, it is essential to use a shower that keeps them hydrated for optimal growth. Likewise, in the case of growing them in a greenhouse, a good option would be to use a camping anti-weed soil in which holes could be made and thus provide them with greater support.

Blue plants, new life for your garden

Although plants with blue flowers are usually rare, there are actually more than we think. Here’s a representative list of some of the most eye-catching varieties that will breathe new life into any garden.


This is a star-shaped flower, very similar to the daisy but with the difference that its petals are thinner and longer and can offer striking blue tones. Also known as Scottish Aster or Starry Sky, it is a perennial plant native to North America and can grow to 50cm tall.


This blue flower is native to Asia and is one of the few species that provides sky blue tones. It is a plant that can also be found in other colors; however, to obtain blue hydrangeas it is essential that the soil is acidic. They are delicate flowers and require optimal conditions for their development; they basically need morning sun and afternoon shade, plus moist, well-drained soil.

Vanda Orchid

Among the genus of orchids, there is a species that produces beautiful blue flowers. It is the Vanda coerulea, popularly known as the blue orchid; a plant found in Asia, specifically India, Burma, and Thailand. It is an epiphytic species with a robust stem that prefers cool climates.


It owes its name to the fact that it resembles a spur. These flowers grow and remain upright, so it is advisable to provide them with a support or good support so that they maintain their stability. They are characterized by growing more than a meter and together they form an extensive area of ​​beauty where you can enjoy the purest of blues.


The blue clematis is a perennial and climbing plant that needs a support to entangle itself. It can grow in a wide variety of climates, although it prefers sun and heat. It is native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Its delicate lantern-shaped flowers bloom profusely from early summer through fall.


The gentian is a small plant that can be grown in a pot or in the garden. It is an herbaceous species and there are varieties that bloom in yellow (Gentiana lutea) or blue (Gentiana verna). It offers beautiful large flowers, with five petals and a bell-shaped shape that stands out in any home or greenhouse. He is from the Eurosiberian region.


The bell is known as «morning glory» or «Mary’s mantle». It is a plant of great beauty in which the electric blue tone predominates with a center that simulates a fluorescent effect; which is why it is highly attractive whether it is grown in a pot or in the garden. Its shape is similar to that of a trumpet and it is native to America. It can be found in other colors, but blue is the tone in which it is most seen.

water lilies

Calla lilies are beautiful flowers that tend to be classified as large flowers. However, their appearance is of simple and delicate flowers, thanks to the pastel light blue tone they offer. This plant can withstand any climate well; as long as it has proper irrigation and drainage.


These exotic flowers are distinguished by being pedunculated, growing in simple upward clusters and having six fused petals. This variety offers a strong and striking blue tone, which makes it a plant of particular beauty and different from the others. It also stands out among the other varieties because it provides a special aroma that perfumes the gardens.


Lobelias are part of the campanulaceae family and their beautiful bright blue flowers offer five petals and a pistil. Their size is small and delicate, so they harmonize in any outdoor setting. It is an annual plant that prefers warm climates and is characterized by its growth in the form of a waterfall; so it is ideal to put in hanging baskets.

Natural blue flowers can be found in various parts of the world. Thanks to their particular beauty, these flowers are a valued detail when giving a gift and are also perfect to combine with species of other colors such as red and yellow.

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