Why it is a success to give a bonsai

Getting a gift right is one of the absolute priorities of those who want to surprise. And if the recipient is a nature lover, giving a bonsai is always a good option. An original way to make any plant lover enjoy a different crop. Because that is precisely one of the characteristics that make this plant simply exceptional.

But let’s go by parts. Or, rather, let’s bust myths. Because when it comes to giving a bonsai as a gift, it is often believed that it is an impossible plant to grow. And anything farter from the reality. Indoor or outdoor bonsai care is much simpler than you think. In reality, doing it correctly only takes into account that they are small trees. Something that we cannot lose sight of and that, in reality, gives us an important clue about its cultivation method.

So, if you still have any doubts, we want to give you good reasons to give a bonsai as a gift. Some that allow us to become aware of the extent to which a plant with these characteristics is a special present, to say the least.


Bonsai are apparently mysterious plants. It is often believed that they are genetically modified trees when, in reality, their small size only responds to a certain form of cultivation. One that is an authentic object of worship in the East, and that represents an ancient tradition that no gardening lover can resist.

But let’s better understand why giving a bonsai is betting on a winning horse. Because, beyond their consideration in the world of plants, there are good reasons to surprise our recipient with one of them. It is enough to know them to know that, yes or yes, we will be right by giving one away.

1. Its symbolism, one of the main reasons to give a bonsai

Giving a bonsai is not only giving a plant. It is, in fact, choosing one with a singular symbolic value. It is not only a symbol of eternity. It also implies happiness, friendship and long life. Added, if we opt for a bonsai as a present, we will be wishing the recipient of the gift strength and happiness.

Some meanings with which this peculiar type of crop is identified in the country from which it originates, Japan. And that, despite everything, they are still valid.

2. The variety of trees, another good reason to get it right when giving a bonsai

In many occasions, it is believed that bonsai are all the same. What is often unknown is that this way of growing small trees means being able to enjoy a good number of them in this format. And we are not just talking about trees with which we are familiar. We are also talking about others of tropical origin that we can grow indoors and in the right conditions.

If you are thinking of giving a bonsai, discover our selection here

Thus and beyond knowing how to choose the first bonsai, there is nothing like knowing which are the favorite trees of the recipient of our present. An authentic guide to succeed, even more, when giving a bonsai.

3. It is a plant of incredible beauty

What’s more: it could be said that they are authentic works of natural art. Their attractiveness is precisely one of the reasons that make these plants irresistible. Beyond their small size, bonsai are blank canvases to play with their appearance.

It is enough to know how to prune a bonsai to discover the many forms it can take.

4. Encourages calm and relaxation

Bonsai is a slow growing plant. In fact, this calm in its evolution is part of the attractiveness of its cultivation. But not only that. Due to its particularities, bonsai is a plant whose cultivation encourages tranquility. Something that, in part, is due to its small size. One that forces any pruning, wiring or cleaning work to be done with the utmost care.

And yes: that care with which we treat our little tree makes each task that it demands be carried out with ease. A calm that will allow the time we dedicate to our plant to have a positive effect on our state of mind.

5. It is a special gift for special people

It cannot be denied. Giving a bonsai is a gift reserved for those people we consider special. Some as unique as these small trees. Some that we know will be dedicated to seeing how their little tree grows and evolves. People in love with nature but also with challenges.

And now… confess it. After reading these reasons to give a bonsai, which person in your environment do you think deserves such a personal present?

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