10 natural ways to repel ants

Especially during times of the year such as spring and summer it is very common for ants to proliferate and become more visible in our homes.

If you want to repel them, you can use these 10 natural remedies to get it and not have to use commercial sprays. Take note.

Natural ways to repel ants

1.- Lemon juice to repel ants

You just have to squeeze some lemons (you will need more or less depending on the areas to be covered) and pour the juice into a spray bottle. Spray especially for the entrance and passage areas of the ants. They don’t like lemon juice at all and it repels them naturally. It should be applied several days in a row.


2.- Cinnamon essential oil to ward off ants

Another natural remedy that keeps ants away. You only have to apply small amounts of this essential oil in the points where you think there may be ant hills or areas of passage. This home remedy is more durable than the previous one, that is, applying it twice a week is enough to ward off ants. Ground cinnamon is also effective.

3.- Soap and water to drive away ants

On many occasions something as simple as a little soap and water helps us to prevent the access or advance of the ants. You just have to put a tablespoon of neutral soap in a bottle with about 500 ml of water and spray. Do it at night.

4.- Peppermint essential oil to repel ants

Another essential oil that works very well to repel ants is peppermint. You only have to apply it in areas such as windows, cracks, passageways. It should be applied every 3 days or so and also the smell is very pleasant and stimulating.

5.- Chalk to ward off ants

Another very simple remedy to prevent the advance of ants through our home is by using chalk. It can be used by drawing lines on the ground or by scratching it and spreading the chalk dust over strategic areas.

6.- Baking soda and sugar to scare away ants

Mix in small containers that are accessible to the ants baking soda and sugar in equal parts. Put several of these containers in the access and passage areas and you will see how it scares them away. This remedy also lasts for several days.

7.- Ground coffee to repel ants

Reuse the coffee grounds by putting them in those places of entry of the ants and you will see how it repels them. Also put small amounts in cracks and walkways.

8.- Vinegar to ward off ants

In addition to spraying vinegar in the most conflictive areas such as the entry places of ants, you can use the vinegar to scrub the floor and thus help to keep this ant repellent longer. The floor is very clean and shiny and ants do not enter the house.

9.- Cucumber to scare away ants

Ants have a natural aversion to cucumber. By putting the cucumber skins in the entrance areas of the ants, we will be driving them away and prevent their access. The more bitter the cucumbers, the better the result.

10.- Mint leaves to repel ants

Dry some mint leaves, crush them a little and put small mounds in the entrance areas. You can also reuse the mint bags once you have prepared an infusion with them. Change it every other day.

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