10 of the most beautiful exotic flowers in the world

I propose a small list with ten of the most beautiful exotic flowers that decorate landscapes, gardens and other spaces, in the world. If you like different and original flowers, take a look at the following list!

Exotic Flowers: Red Dahlia

Beautiful and well-known flower that comes from regions like Cuernavaca and Tepoztlán, Mexico. There are wild, shrubby and ornamental dahlias. In fact there are more than 2 thousand different types of this beautiful plant.

In some cultures, the flower represents impulses and passion. You will recognize it by its shape and its colors such as: red, pink, yellow, orange, purple or combinations of other colors. Dahlias will give your garden a fairytale look.

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Zinnia flower

Interesting plant that blooms throughout the summer, decorating gardens, terraces and balconies. Zinnia, also called paper flower, is an annual plant with flowers similar to dahlias. You will find this flower in a wide range of colors.

A very curious fact is that it is the second flower that is achieved in microgravity conditions. The first, Arabidopsis, is recorded in the Guinness book. It grew in 1982 aboard the Salyut-7 but since there are no images, the Zinnia will surely be remembered as the first flower that has been obtained in space. Gardening in such a situation is quite a challenge for astronauts (who have already managed to plant lettuce and other vegetables).

Flower Ora-pro-nobis

Its real name is «Pereskia aculeata» but it is popularly known as «Ora-pro-nóbis». This name in Portuguese means «Pray for us» but the plant is native to America. Although you will find it by derivations such as orabrobó or lobrobó.

This evergreen plant is rustic and edible. It is known for being widely used in the kitchen and in different culinary recipes. Above all, it is widely used in omelettes, soups, empanadas and stews … although many people prefer to eat it raw in salad.

Asian lotus flower

It is impossible to think of an exotic flower and not think of this beautiful oriental plant. In many Asian cultures the Lotus Flower symbolizes beauty, perfection and purity, elegance and grace. This plant really does not require great care in its cultivation. The truth is that it adapts quite well in ponds or pools.

Exotic flowers: Aguileñas

The original name of the plant is «Aquilegia vulgaris» popularly known by Aguileñas. The flowers of the plant are really easy to grow so you can try doing it yourself. In addition, you can choose from a huge variety of colors and shapes. The colors range from purple to purple and very intense blues.

This plant is usually found in light deciduous forests and with a high humus content soil. This is why the most important thing for the plant to flourish is that the soil must have the necessary properties. Otherwise it does not require great care.

Flower of the Iris laevigata plant

Incredible flower of a rich and deep shocking blue. They are also distinguished by the central line in white. The stems of the plant are simple and develop flowers during their flowering time. It’s an idea to plant them before spring so your garden will look great when they bloom. They are great plants to put near the pool or in gardens with moist soil.

Bat flower amazing!

The original name of this plant is «Tacca chantrieri». The color and shape of the flower certainly makes an impression. This plant comes from East and Southeast Asia and its main quality is the curious flowering it presents.

Although it only reaches a height of 1 meter when growing, it is necessary to leave it enough space. The leaves of the plant are very large so it is best to provide a good place to grow strong.

This curious plant needs bright environments and frequent waterings as it grows very well in humid and warm environments . Growing strong and healthy to offer that unique shape that makes it look like a little bat. What do you think of this fabulous flower?

Exotic Flowers: Candy Cane

Of South African origin, these beautiful flowers make you want to eat them! Its caramelized appearance (reminiscent of the Christmas candy cane) is equally striped with red and white. It has 5 beautiful petals that seem to be rolled in the shape of a tube or funnel.

A very curious fact about this flower is that it opens when it receives the sun, degrading its red lines until they become white. However, with the cold they close, returning their red lines. The truth is that they are quite a show.

Chinese Lantern Flower

Beautiful flower that looks like a kind of decorative lantern lamp. The flower of this plant is really white but when pollinated it gives this spectacle of red and yellow. The origin of this flower is Japanese and very exotic. The truth is that it is a real beauty.

Exotic Flowers: African Daisy

Precious flower also known as the African Wonder Cape. It is one of the flowers that will give more colors to a garden and more if we combine them with other wonderful species. This daisy is ideal for naturalized areas or to cover large areas of soil.

A curious fact is that the flower closes at night and in the shade or during the passage of a cloud. When the sun comes it opens and we can see the beautiful structure of it. The colors in which you will see the African Daisy are white, yellow and orange and the color apricot.

What did you think of this small list of exotic flowers? Which of the flowers seen is the one that you liked the most? What is the flower that has made the most impression on you? Do you love exotic flowers or do you prefer other types of plants?

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