Legends and properties of the immortelle

It is one of the most interesting plants in the plant world. And we do not say this only because of its resistance and ornamental character. We say it, too, because of the enormous number of properties of the immortelle that are hidden behind its leaves. Some that are not very well known today, but that made it the reference plant for homes in the distant past. A time when plants were the only existing natural pharmacy, and in which the properties of the immortelle did not go unnoticed.

Before seeing in detail the history and properties of the immortelle, it is interesting to understand why it is a perfect plant for garden lovers. As its name suggests, it is a succulent plant with incredible resistance to almost any scenario, however hostile it may be. It grows perfectly in rocky and dry environments, and tolerates the cold without any problem. Both indoors and outdoors, the care of the immortelle is extremely simple. They don’t really differ much from how to care for succulents. The only requirements of its cultivation are good drainage, and a change of substrate every two years. Small needs for a plant that will be with us for a long, long time.

But today, beyond its beauty, we want to discover the properties of the immortelle. Some that combine legend with reality, and that are worth discovering.


Talking about the properties of the immortelle requires a review of mythology. Only in this way can we understand the weight, since ancient times, of a plant considered almost sacred to humans. It was not only one of the ancient peoples who claimed that it had been created by their supreme god. The really amazing thing is that different cultures throughout the centuries firmly believed it.

Beyond the legends about the properties of the immortelle, its versatility of colors makes it the perfect ornamental plant. get it here

For the Greek world, the immortelle was created by Zeus with a very specific objective: to protect people from fire, lightning and spirits. A belief later adopted by the Romans, who attributed creation to Jupiter. Something that left its mark on the history of this plant, as it is known by the nickname of Jupiter’s beard. But they are not the only ancient peoples who considered the immortelle an almost sacred plant. For the ancient Celts, it was the fruit of Thor: their supreme god. And, curiously, its purpose was the same: to protect.

This belief was not only perpetuated over time. It also spread throughout Europe thanks to Charlemagne. Something that ensured that the Old Continent of that time continued with the inherited tradition of cultivating the immortelle on the roofs. The best way to protect homes but also to attract kindness.


Leaving aside the legends, the properties of the immortelle are based on proven facts. Or, rather, in all the plant compounds that are part of its leaves and that we can use at any given time to improve our health.

What, at first glance, is just a plant contains within itself an enormous wealth. Tannins, flavonoids, malic acid, formic acid, alkaloids and mucilage are some of the active ingredients present in the leaves of this plant. Some that, although at first glance do not tell us anything, have a good number of medicinal applications depending on how it is administered.

Properties of immortelle by ingestion

At this point, a consideration. The ingestion of the immortelle is not done as such, but rather the juice of its leaves is drunk or taken as an infusion. It is not recommended to eat the leaves directly, since they have an oil that can be toxic.

Beyond this consideration, we can use the properties of immortelle by ingestion for a good number of ailments:

  • Cure pharyngitis, thanks to its antibiotic capacity
  • Alleviate cystitis, since in addition to antibiotic it is diuretic
  • Calm pain, due to its anti-inflammatory capacity
  • Heal stomach ulcers or stomach ailments
  • Slow down the fever

But be careful: although the properties of the immortelle are many, you must be careful. The same as with all plants, which do not stop containing the active ingredients on which the bases of the pharmacopoeia are based. Immortelle has certain side effects when ingested, so its use for medicinal purposes is highly restricted.

Properties of immortelle for external use

Much more common is to use the properties of the immortelle for external body care. Something that we can apply through poultices, baths or washes without any side effect. And, although it is little known, the truth is that the immortelle is present in a good number of natural cosmetic products.

And it is that the properties of the immortelle make it a true ally to naturally cure a good number of skin ailments. Among all of them, we highlight the most important:

  • remove warts
  • Repair the skin, for which we will have to include its juice in any mask that we use
  • Remove acne and skin impurities
  • Heal ulcers, cuts, bites and burns; thanks to its antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory effects

And yes: the properties of the immortelle come to complete what is, for many, the perfect plant. One that demands practically nothing for what much it gives.

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