4 Most Famous Types and Varieties of Cabbage

Cabbage, with the scientific name Brassica oleracea var. capitata, belonging to the Cruciferae family, has varieties in various greenish, reddish and purple tones.

It is a herbaceous plant, with a dicotyledonous flowering and its leaves originate a very characteristic compact cluster or closed buds of great density.

There are various types, with curly leaves, white cabbages, as well as those of Milan.They grow in very fertile soils, they have a typical appearance ranging from the common round to flattened and pointed versions.

The green specimens are the most universal, although the red cabbage variant (red cabbage) is also increasingly used in cuisine worldwide. They have exceptional vitamin power and are great raw for salads, but they are also pickled and fermented.

The chemical composition of cabbage has a generous amount of vitamin A and C, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, carbohydrates, lipids and protein.And the curly varieties are ideal for making cabbages and salads, especially those with large heads that mature later.

They can be grown practically throughout the year, due to their good tolerance to cold, which is why there are spring, summer and winter cabbages.It is considered that the current varieties come from the so-called Wild Cabbage and Brassica oleracea, a species located on the coasts of the southern and western regions of Europe.

Among the best known varieties are:

green cabbage

Its leaves are dark green on the outside and the insides are pale green to light green.

Red cabbage or red cabbage

It is a type of curly cabbage, with rolled leaves, with the special characteristic that it has bluish -green wavy lines on its leaves, as well as being smaller than normal in size.

It has a slightly spicy flavor in the garden, its peculiar shape provides a beautiful visual spectacle.

Commercial Cabbage Varieties

Among the most important commercial varieties are:

  • Short-cycle smooth white cabbage (90 days of cultivation) where varieties called Cecile and Rotonda stand out.
  • Medium cycle cabbages (90-120 days of cultivation), with varieties such as Ducati, Early Glory and the following hybrids: Gloria Fa and Rotan.
  • Late cycle cabbages (120 days of cultivation), with the Quintal de Alsacia variety, among others.
  • Red cabbage, with the Colorado Mammoth-Ranchero varieties and the Red Head hybrid.
  • Curly cabbage, with the Milan Vertus variety.

Other varieties of Cabbage

There are other varieties called:

  • Ox Heart, armored shape.
  • Lorena, also in the shape of a heart
  • Copenhagen Market, rounded.
  • Golden Acre, equally round.
  • Quintel of Alsace, flattened.
  • Express, battleship.
  • Wakefield jersey, in battleship form.
  • Languendijk, is rounded.
  • Late Black, also round.
  • Brunswick, is flattened.
  • Stone head, it is round.
  • Saint Dionysus, is flattened.
  • Candle, it’s a hybrid.
  • King of the early ones, another hybrid variety.
  • Unigreen Early is another very tasty hybrid.
  • Colahat, is a hybrid.
  • Erfurt dark red.
  • Black head.
  • Breco, also hybrid.
  • Langendijk Red

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