4 Plants to give away in special Kings

It is a perfect option to be original when it comes to having a detail with those we love. Since the beginning of Christmas, we begin to prepare that list of presents with which we want to surprise the people we care about. If we are nature lovers, surely we will contemplate ideas of plants to give away in Kings. But what if we get out of the usual to surprise?

When choosing plants to give away in Kings, we can do it based on different reasons. If we give a gift to a first time, we will have to look for resistant houseplants so that they start without frustration. If the recipient is an orchid lover, we can play with the different types of orchids to surprise her. But what if, to whom we want to give, is a plant lover and already has a good collection? There is no doubt: things get complicated, and a lot.

But let no one worry. Because the wonderful thing about the plant world is that it offers amazing versatility. So why not have an idea of ​​plants to give away on special Kings that honor, in a certain way, the tradition of the night? An original and different proposal that goes one step further than plants to give away at Christmas.


Let’s start recapping. When talking about the offerings of the three wise men, there is one that always attracts attention: myrrh. A present from King Baltasar that, although part of the tradition, is a real mystery. Being at the height of gold and incense, a precious commodity at the time, gives us a clue to its importance. But what exactly is it?

Myrrh is an amber-colored product obtained from the resin of a tree native to Africa, Arabia and Turkey. With a powerful bitter taste, it was used in ancient times to make perfumes but also to prepare medicinal ointments. Its healing, antiseptic and even antibacterial properties made this substance ideal for medicinal preparations. Beyond its therapeutic benefits, the truth is that for many the presence of myrrh among the royal presents had a meaning: to value the humanity and, therefore, mortality of Jesus.

Following that metaphorical trail of the traditional myrrh, our selection of plants to give away in Three Kings seeks that our present is loaded with symbolism.

1. Ginkgo biloba, the bush that symbolizes eternity

It is known that it is one of the most spectacular bushes that exist. With proper care, it can reach 30 meters in height. Dimensions that, especially in autumn, make it the center of attention. And it is not for less: its green coloration is transformed into yellow, dressing in the same tones of the season.

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But beyond its attractiveness, there is another good reason to include it in our list of plants to give away in Three Kings. And it is that ginkgo biloba is not only one of the prehistoric plants that populated the earth even before the appearance of the dinosaurs. Added, is a bush that symbolizes eternity.

2. Lavender, the scent of beauty

It is one of those simply irresistible plants. Lavender is not only one of the most beautiful scents out there. Added, it has a good number of benefits that make it impossible not to have it. In addition to being on the list of insect repellent plants and drought resistant plants, we also have to think about it if we consider how to create your own medicinal garden.

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Apart from all its benefits, which are not few, it has a very special meaning: it symbolizes the purest beauty. A good reason to give it as a gift that, added to the care of lavender, make this present a perfect one.

3. Jasmine, the plant of hope

It is one of the most beautiful and grateful climbing plants that exist. And we say this because jasmine care is affordable for any level of gardening and does not entail a great demand. Something extremely interesting when we consider giving a plant.

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Beyond its cultivation, it is interesting to know that it is a plant with extremely positive meanings in all cultures. However, we will stay with a very special one: in India, it symbolizes hope.

4. Lilac, one of the plants to give in Kings with more symbolism

Although it has been seen less in recent years, the truth is that the lilac is one of the traditional plants par excellence. Common in gardens and as a plant closure to embellish walls due to its climbing nature, it is not only a beautiful plant. In addition, it does not present great difficulties in its cultivation.

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In addition to its spectacular nature in the months, we must contemplate what it implies. Its aroma is credited with the ability to keep bad energies at bay. But it is not the only thing that is presupposed: its presence favors harmony.

And now tell us, which of these four plants to give away for Three Kings would fit on your gift list?

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