Fennel: rich in antioxidants, it helps our liver and fights anemia


The Fennel , Foeniculum vulgare, is native to southern Europe, although its cultivation is widespread worldwide. Fennel is a white bulb with green stems and yellow flowers, and we can take advantage of all its parts, including the seeds. As for its flavor, it is very pleasant, similar to licorice and anise, and is used in soups, stir-fries, sauces, salads, breads, etc.

In ancient times, fennel was a food highly valued for its nutritional and medicinal contribution. More than 3000 years ago they took advantage of the benefits of this plant from the botanical family of the Umbelliferae in countries such as Egypt, Greece, India or during Roman times.

In this article we talk about the properties and benefits of fennel, so that you discover what it is good for and you can incorporate it into your diet and take advantage of its benefits.

Fennel provides us with group B vitamins (B3, B6, B9 or folic acid), provitamin A, rich in Vitamin C and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium or magnesium.

fennel properties

Fennel belongs to the same family as other vegetables such as celery , carrots , parsnips and aromatic and medicinal plants such as coriander or coriander , dill , parsley or green anise .

Fennel properties and benefits

    • Being rich in Vitamin C and having alanine and methionine, it has great antioxidant action that strengthens our immune system
    • Due to its iron and histidine content, it is very beneficial to prevent and combat anemia.
    • Fennel is detoxifying, it helps us eliminate toxins from our body.
    • It is an expectorant and is indicated for dry cough
    • Reduces blood cholesterol levels, preventing coronary heart disease.
    • Fennel is antipyretic, reducing fever.
    • Due to its folic acid content, it is recommended during pregnancy to prevent defects in the baby’s development.
    • Improves cases of urinary tract infections.
    • It is indicated for people who retain fluids and rheumatic diseases due to its diuretic action
    • Its use is beneficial during menopause and to alleviate minor menstrual discomfort.
    • Fennel is an ally vegetable for people who have digestive system problems
    • Add this vegetable if you are dieting to lose weight because it gives flavor and is satiating and nutritious

It is even able to relieve nausea

  • Fennel is a galactogogue, that is, it stimulates the production of breast milk
  • It improves liver function, making it an ally for the health of our liver.
  • Has a slight analgesic effect
  • It improves digestive processes and thanks to its carminative effect, it reduces the generation of gases, being very effective in cases of flatulence.
  • Fennel has antimicrobial action


External use of fennel

This bulbous plant can be used, in addition to gastronomy, in home and natural remedies to help improve our health.

Here are some ways you can use fennel:

  • In mouthwashes for good gum health and fresh breath (combats halitosis). In this case, use the crushed fennel seeds to which you add 100 ml of very hot water. You let it rest for 10 minutes and then you make the buchitos.
  • It is effective as eye drops in cases of inflammation, conjunctivitis, eye irritation, tired eyes or even styes. Prepare the infusion with the fennel seeds as I mentioned above.
  • Avoid hair loss by strengthening it. You can apply the infusion of fennel seeds and also consume it. This is how you take care of and strengthen your hair inside and out.

Cooking recipes with fennel, how to take fennel

From fennel we can use its bulb, the aerial part and its seeds as if they were a spice.

The fennel bulb can be used in many ways:

  • Very finite grating is included in recipes and cold dishes.
  • It can be cut in half lengthwise and baked.
  • Add it along with other vegetables and sauté it with a little extra virgin olive oil.
  • Here you have the link to the recipe Fennels stuffed in puff pastry , it comes out very rich, do not stop making it.

The leaves of fennel fresh are used to flavor savory dishes cuisine and the Nordic countries are widely consumed with salmon.

To use the fennel seeds you just have to toast them lightly, crush them a little in the mortar and add them to the food once it is served on the plate.

Fennels have a very characteristic and pleasant aniseed flavor, you are going to love them.

And if you dare, I leave you the link to the article I wrote on How to grow organic fennel , it is very easy.

Now that you know the properties and benefits of fennel, enjoy it in the kitchen.

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