5 APPs for the garden. Apps that help you grow

Hello Agrohuerters! Today I will show you 5 APP’s for the garden that will help you a lot with the planning and work of the garden at home.

As you well know, to start cultivating a garden, the most recommended thing is organization: plan the garden. For this we have always recommended that you keep your field notebook up to date. Thanks to technology, we can have the field notebook for monitoring the garden on our mobile device with the help of these APP’s for the urban garden that we will see today.

This is very useful, since you can use it anywhere, and if it is connected to the internet it can provide you with information, advice, or you can look for any questions yourself.

1. My urban garden

This APP is presented by a nice tomato; It is mainly divided into two sections. The first is vegetables, vegetables and aromatic plants, in this one all the plants are classified, in alphabetical order and with a photo, to identify them even faster. Inside each one there is a file, which includes the description of the sowing calendar, health benefits, harvesting, diseases and pests, and lastly, very useful additional information such as the light or irrigation planning that you need. It is very intuitive and easy to use. The second section is a glossary, with different concepts on Agriculture.

2. DO your home garden

Its author is Antonia Cuella (it is available for Android and Apple): It is ideal for people who want to start growing urban gardens. As you can see in the photo, it is divided into several sections: Vegetables, Aromatic plants, Sowing and planting, Basic concepts and cultivation table. Both in vegetables and in aromatic ones, we can find the most common, but it includes all the necessary information for each one of them to cultivate them. In this application they teach you to have the plants in a cultivation table, and for free and personalized way to make your own cultivation table. In the basic concepts section, we can find a small dictionary with the most common terms used in agricultural jargon, such as: thinning, root ball, pricking… As I have previously mentioned, this App for the orchard is indicated above all for beginners.

3. SIMherbs or Seedling Identification (AIMCRA)

With both names you can find this app on Google Play or any other app store. This is a great novelty for agriculture or urban gardens, since it is a plant identifier. This is very helpful especially to see the species of weeds. Knowing the species of weedsin a certain way it can be important since, in this way, the methods to control them can be better adapted. It is easy to use, you just have to select if you want to identify a weed or a grass, then a list with characteristics that you have to enter appears, once you have entered all the necessary ones, it will tell you what the plant is. To put the characteristics, although it seems like a very technical language, it is simple since it indicates to you with drawings what it refers to; therefore, in principle, anyone can use this application without problems.

4. Orchard-Yum Garden

It is divided into several sections that are: My plants, where you have to add all the information about your plants, it can be one by one or individually, you can even accompany it with a photograph of the plant. Create alarms to remind you when to water. The second section is a dictionary where you can find information about horticultural, aromatic or garden plants. It is very intuitive and easy to use. In addition to being very practical, with it you will never forget to take care of
your plants.

5. Gardener

It is a valid App both for urban orchards and for larger orchards. It has several sections: Monthly calendar, with the tasks to be carried out each month; Forum, Notice board, Image gallery, Tutorials… etc. This application is rather a Community of small farmers in which photos, tricks or advice about orchards are shared with other users. It is recommended to register, to interact more easily. It is available in Spanish and English.

APP Gardener

All these APP’s for the garden are available for Android and the second (HAZZ) also for Apple. In addition, all of them are free (which is great, but in return, a lot of advertising will appear while you use them).

I hope that these 5 APP’s for the urban garden will help you and remember that in addition to having the help of technology you can also keep your garden up to date with your field notebook. If you know other interesting Apps do not hesitate to share them in comments. And you know that whenever you have any questions about your garden, we will be happy to help you solve it. Greetings and until next time Agrohuerters.

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