5 cold-resistant shrubs for the garden

With the arrival of winter, it is time to think about plants that resist low temperatures. And, for those who have a good-sized garden or terrace, that goes for cold-resistant shrubs. Some real allies for this season since we are talking, in general terms, about plants with a low demand for care. Something that, far from being secondary, is ideal for the cold months. And we do not say it to say. Low temperatures usually bring with them paying less attention to the garden. Something that does not have to suppose that it does not look full of life.

Achieving it is not only about choosing perennial plants for the garden in winter. It also does so by opting for cold-resistant shrubs that also have leaves twelve months of the year. A choice that will allow us to enjoy our garden with nature no matter how cold, ice or snow there is around us. And there is no doubt that, to achieve this goal, there are few plants that adorn as much as cold-resistant shrubs.

Choosing from the existing variety can complicate our lives. For this reason, we want to show you some of the most beautiful and showy cold-resistant shrubs that exist. Some that, in addition, will be full of green from January to December.


Due to their shape and development, shrubs are essential in the design of any garden. And we are not just talking about the large ones. Even when we look for landscaping tips for small spaces, these types of plants play a fundamental role. They help create volumes and structure the garden, no matter how small it may be. Something that makes this type of outdoor plants truly essential.

Let’s see, among all the bushes we can count on, which ones we can enjoy despite the temperature.

1. Abelia, one of the most common cold-resistant shrubs

One of the most popular cold hardy shrubs. get it here

It is probably one of the most common cold hardy shrubs in gardens. And it is not by chance. We are talking about a plant with an ornamental appearance that, from May to October, is filled with beautiful white flowers. Another aspect is added to its beauty: the care of the abelia is extremely simple. So much so that we can well say that it practically takes care of itself, with one caveat: it is not a friend of extremely cold climates.

Beyond the ease of its cultivation, there is another attraction that makes this shrub irresistible: its perfume. And it is that its flowers have a unique aroma capable of filling any garden or terrace with personality.

2. Oleander, a beautiful bush to grow with caution

A Mediterranean shrub that tolerates the cold perfectly. Learn more about it

Another of the cold-resistant shrubs that we are used to seeing in parks and gardens. The incredible beauty of the oleander is an irrefutable fact. An aspect to which is added that it is only demanding in two aspects: having good drainage and being in full sun. Leaving this aside, we are talking about a shrub that tolerates drought well due to its Mediterranean origins. An origin, which curiously, does not mark its character resistant to cold: it supports up to five degrees below zero.

Despite all these positive aspects, be careful. Oleander is a toxic shrub. Something to watch for if children or pets are around you.

3. Rhododendron, one of the cold-resistant shrubs that bloom in winter

An evergreen shrub that also blooms in winter. Add it to the plants in your garden or terrace

It is one of the quintessential winter plants. And it is that, beyond that it keeps its leaves in this season, it has another peculiarity. The rhododendron is one of those plants that anticipate spring. And it cannot be denied: its flowering, which appears between January and February, is a true gift for the senses.

Despite its resistance to low temperatures, it is advisable to plant it in a place sheltered from frost. And not because they can affect the development of the plant. Rather because they can spoil that highly valued bloom that fills the winter landscape with color.

4. Durillo, when a name says it all

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And it is just as it is: the durillo lives up to its popular name. We are talking about a bush resistant to rustic cold that supports temperatures of up to 15 degrees below zero. A perfect ally for climates in which the rigors of winter are felt in nature. But it is not its only attraction: added, its flowering occurs precisely in those months when the thermometer plummets.

As far as its cultivation is concerned, it does not demand much either. It is only demanding with drainage, since we are talking about a plant that tolerates drought better than waterlogging.

5. Ground juniper, a perfect variety to have evergreen

Despite not having a flower, it is perfect for filling any space with green. Know the characteristics of this variety

It is one of the most demanded shrubs to plant in January. And, beyond this seasonality, the truth is that it is perfectly understandable that many garden lovers choose juniper. Not only is it incredibly weather resistant. Added, it is extremely grateful for what a few cares are enough to enjoy its constant green and see it grow at a good pace.

You just have to take one precaution: choose the planting place very carefully. Juniper, both upholstery and in any of its variations, demands good sun exposure.

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