5 flowering autumn plants for indoors

With the arrival of this season, there are many who believe that it is time to wait for next spring to enjoy the flowers. And it’s not like that at all! We also have autumn flowering plants that are ideal for cheering us up in these months to come. A time when we are doomed to spend more time indoors. Something that does not imply enjoying the natural accent of the plants, much less the flowers.

For those who have a garden, there are a good number of autumn flowering plants perfect for decorating the outside. However, the beauty of flowering plants is not only reserved for outdoors. We can also enjoy them indoors, if we know how to correctly choose the ideal autumn plants for us. Some perennials that will not only accompany us this season but, with proper care, the next ones will too.

A way to live spring in our office or home, even if it’s cold.


Breaking another habitual prejudice of autumn plants, no. They are not bland. In fact, the fall and winter blooms are some of the most beautiful of the year. And it is that blooming in the cold months does not imply having to give up color or beauty. One need only take a look at the autumn bulbs to plant in October to get an idea of ​​how beautiful nature has in store for us in the grayest months of the year.

For this reason, and for flower lovers, today we propose these five flowering autumn plants to enjoy indoors. Five choices from a huge range of good companions to brighten up the two seasons that separate us from next spring.

1. Mini rosebush, the queen of the garden inside the house

The mini rosebush is one of those fall plants perfect for adding color to the home. Buy yours online here

One of the ideal autumn plants for those who do not have a garden, or who want to enjoy the beauty of roses. One of the advantages of the mini rosebush or pitiminí rosebush is that, with proper care, it can be constantly in bloom. To do this, it is essential that it is in the brightest place in the house. What’s more: the ideal is that we place it in a window to the south. This aspect is vital, since the mini rosebush is still an outdoor plant. The lack of light will not only cause poor flowering. It also affects the color of the flowers.

In addition to this, we will have to be rigorous with other care. Watering should be moderate, and always trying to remove the excess from the pot plate. More demanding than this aspect is the subscriber. To promote flowering, it should be done weekly and always with a potash-rich fertilizer for flowering plants.

Pruning is a minor aspect. It will be enough to remove the dead flowers and, when the plant has grown properly, one to shape.

2. African violet, the great companion of interiors

One of the most common fall plants in homes. Get yours in our Verdecora online store

One of the most common fall plants in homes. Despite its small size, the African Violet has managed to gain a foothold in interiors. Something that is not only due to the beauty of its small flowers but also to one of its characteristics: its incredible resistance. And if the care of the African Violet is more than affordable for anyone, it has another attraction. And it is that we can enjoy its flowering continuously throughout the year.

To do this, we will have to place it in a place with a lot of light, and always away from any current. In addition to this, it is essential to take care of the temperature. Due to its African origin, it needs to be in an environment between 17 and 21 degrees. It is important to know that, below 6 degrees, the life of the African Violet is seriously compromised.

Finally, we must be rigorous with irrigation. It demands good humidity, but it is the enemy of waterlogging. And, to encourage its flowering, nothing like applying a dose of liquid fertilizer every so often.

3. Primavera, one of the fall plants par excellence

One of the most colorful autumn plants. Discover more about the care of the Primula here

Don’t let its name mislead us because, despite receiving the nickname of Spring, Primula usually intensifies its flowering in the cold months. One aspect in which the regular use of a fertilizer for flowering plants helps a lot. Beyond the plant’s own cycle, thanks to it we will get this plant to renew its flowers every two weeks. It also does not hurt to also use a substrate for flowering plants.

Another advantage of Primavera is that, in addition to growing it as part of our indoor plants, we can also do it outdoors. Something that gives us a clue of how rustic they are. Ideally, place it in a bright and cool place, but always away from direct sunlight.

The most important aspect in the cultivation of Primavera is irrigation. And it is that, although it demands good humidity, it is not a friend of waterlogging. Therefore, we will have to closely monitor that it has good drainage.

4. Cyclamen, the quintessential cold flower

A wonderful plant to have indoors or outdoors. Find out more about Cyclamen here

Another of the essential autumn plants. This bulbous plant is characterized by a colorful bloom that stands out in its intense green foliage. Also called Persian Violet, it blooms from late summer to early summer. On top of this, it’s incredibly durable if we’re careful about a couple of things. On the one hand, with the temperature. If it is outdoors, we will have to protect it from frost. If it is indoors, it is essential that it does not get hot.

In addition to this, we will have to be very careful with irrigation. Although it is a lover of humidity, it is not a lover of excess water. For this reason, among the care of the Cyclamen, it is necessary to always contemplate removing the excess water from the irrigation. We also have to be careful when watering, always trying to wet the bulb located in the central part of the pot.

Finally, pay attention to your location. It needs light, but never direct sun. And, added, we will have to keep it away from drafts.

5. Crossandra, one of the autumn plants that blooms all year round

One of the ideal autumn plants for a tropical environment. Find out more about her here

An ideal plant to have a point of tropical nature inside the house. Curiously, it is not one of the best known. And we say curiously because, beyond the beauty of its flowering being irresistible, we must add another virtue to this plant. And it is, nothing less, that it is capable of being in flower throughout the year.

With proper care, the Crossandra can reach a height of up to one meter. A growth for which one aspect is essential: receive a good amount of daily light, but always filtered. It is also important to keep it away from drafts.

To bring these flowering autumn plants to fruition, you have to monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment. Due to its origins, the Crossandra requires to be in an environment of at least 15 degrees in which, in addition, we spray with warm water.

Five options to fill our house with autumn plants. Which one do you already have in your home? Tell us!

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