5 Original and beautiful plants to give away: Guaranteed success

Today we will see some examples of original plants and beautiful plants to give as gifts. Christmas is coming and we are all looking for the best gift for our family and friends. An option with which we will almost always succeed is to give original plants to decorate the house or the garden.

Different types of phytonia, original plants with colored leaves

Here are some ideas of original plants or rare plants that we can give away without fear of being wrong … who would not like to have their house decorated with these wonders?

Why is giving plants a good idea?

Giving plants is a good idea for several reasons. Here are some good reasons to give away some of the rare plants or original plants that we will see today:

  • Perhaps they are something that the honoree would never buy, which is precisely why they are an interesting gift with which we can surprise.
  • They are living beings that our loved one will have to water, take care of, pamper… The plant will be a bond of union with the person who gave it to us, something that will make them remember us often.
  • They can last for several years, so they are a good alternative to bouquets (which are beautiful but go bad in a few days).
  • They are usually a fairly inexpensive gift.
  • They are a perfect complement to decorate the house, making any corner of the home warmer and happier regardless of the style or type of decoration of the rooms (plants go with everything!)
  • Plants express feelings and emotions (gratitude, love, joy, affection, curiosity…). Giving decorative plants is something that goes beyond the materialism and absorbing consumerism to which we are accustomed.
  • In addition to giving a decorative element, we are giving away something that can become an important source of tranquility, personal satisfaction and that can serve as therapy to overcome difficult times. Growing plants has benefits for physical and mental health.

If these reasons are not enough, wait until you see the original plants that I bring you today!

Plants to Give: 5 Beautiful and Original Plants

Some of these plants to give as gifts are rare plants (such as lithops or «living stones»), others are flowering plants, with colored leaves, some are carnivorous plants… but all are original plants that can become the perfect gift for any occasion.

1. Fittonia

They are very varied decorative plants, they can have leaves of various colors and different sizes. They are very showy in pots like these:

Phytonia are groundcover plants that grow more laterally than upwards. If, instead of having them in pots, we plant them in the soil of the garden, they will be a good option to make a live mulching or plant cover since they will spread over the surface.

Fitonia verschaffeltii and Fitonia Verschafolta growing above ground

2. Carnivorous plants

Carnivores are original plants that will help us eliminate mosquitoes and other bugs. Perhaps they may seem like rare plants to give away but… why not?

Yellow flowers of the carnivorous plant Pinguicola

Although the ones in the photo are yellow, these carnivorous flowers can be of many colors and manage to trap insects thanks to their sticky petals.

I am also very struck by these beautiful hanging carnivorous plants , Nephentes, some original plants that can help us decorate the house with a very special touch.

Original plant to give away: Nephentes

(If these types of plants catch your attention, I wrote this other post about carnivorous plants).

3. Lithops or “living stones”: rare and beautiful plants

Lithops are succulent plants (that is, filled with water, to understand us), such as cacti or crassulaceae. They are small, about 4-5 cm high and about 2 cm wide, but, despite their small size, several together can be very striking and make up an original color composition. They are easily grown in pots and there are over 100 species to choose from.

Lithops or «living stones»

4. Trendy plants : Monstera deliciosa or Adam’s rib

This plant to give as a gift attracts attention with its huge lobed leaves. It is a fashionable plant, perfect to give as a gift as it draws a lot of attention and is easy to care for.

5. Kokedama

Kokedamas are not a species or variety of plant, but rather a way of preparing plants for gift giving. To make a kokedama, a kind of container or covering with moss is placed around the root ball or soil that surrounds the roots. They can be made with many types of plants.

With the Japanese technique of growing in kokedamas we can give a very special touch to the house or create beautiful hanging gardens for the porch.

We can make homemade kokedamas or buy the plants already prepared in this way. If you want to know more about these original plants to give as gifts, take a look at the post « Kokedamas: what they are and how to take care of them « .

These five are just some proposals for original plants to give as gifts that we can choose from, but there are many more. If you know other plants that have given you good results or that you think are rare plants or decorative plants for gifts, you can comment in the comment thread below.

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