5 plant ideas for Christmas gifts

Christmas is an ideal time to think about plants to give as gifts. A different gift that will delight nature lovers. But not only that. It can also be the way to make someone who is not fond of plants begin to discover the world of gardening. A great way to wake up that bug that, many times, only occurs when we have to take a plant forward.

But, when we think of plants to give as gifts, we cannot do it lightly. The intention of this type of present is that they last over time. That they are part of a home and their day to day. A way to turn another Christmas gift into an unforgettable one. For this reason, when we think of plants to give as gifts, we have to be careful. We refer to choosing suitable plants for the type of person. The only guarantee that this little vegetable living being will be cared for as it needs, and will be able to get ahead.

For this reason, our proposal of plants to give away is designed for different profiles of people. Both for those who already have experience with plants, and for those who do not. And not only that: also to hit the nail on the head according to the personal tastes of each one.


Getting a gift right is always the main objective of the person who gives it. Something that, when it comes to plants to give away, is even more delicate. And it has all the logic. Choosing a plant should be done taking into account not only the knowledge that a person has about gardening. Also, depending on other factors such as the amount of light or the available space in the house of the person to whom we give a gift. A simple exercise that will allow us to give away successfully.

For this reason, thinking of different people and different spaces, our proposal of plants to give away is varied. A way to give ideas for different types of people and even spaces.

1. Plants to give to someone with little space at home

One of the perfect gift-giving plants for indoors. Get yours in our online store

A true classic of indoor plants that is also one of those perfect gift plants. The care of the African Violet is simple, so taking it forward is possible even for a novice with plants. But that’s not the only reason it’s perfect. It is also because it takes up little space, so it can be even in a tiny home without being annoying. And, as if this were not enough, it has another great advantage: its flowering is constant.

Before launching to include it in the list of plants to give away, we must know one of its requirements. And it is that this Violet, from Kenya, demands a great amount of luminosity. A fundamental factor so that it can stay healthy and, therefore, flourish.

2. Plants to give to someone who starts gardening

Being undemanding and resistant, it is one of those plants to give as gifts, ideal for the forgetful. Buy red anthurium online here

We all have someone in our lives who openly says that even cacti are dying. Something that, far from proving to have a bad hand with plants, ratifies something usual: that we do not know what the plant needs. For them, for those who are forgetful about watering, we must choose plants that require little and even notify us that they need our care. And if, in addition, they are spectacular despite their simplicity, you can not ask for more!

That is the case of the red Anthurium. One of those extremely resistant green plants that also tells us when it’s time to water again. We will only have to trust the arrangement of its leaves, which will fall as a sign of need for water.

3. Plants to give someone with a big house

An ideal plant to add an exotic touch to any interior. Learn more about her in our Verdecora online store

It is the dream of any plant lover: to have a good space with good light. Something that, sometimes, does not go hand in hand and, despite the square meters, we do not have that light that we would like. Well, for this type of person, our proposal is the monstera. A wonderful climbing plant that, despite needing a good dose of light, can grow at a slower rate in spaces that do not have as much.

In addition to its spectacular appearance, the care of the monstera or Adam’s rib is simple and not at all slaves. Something that postulates it as a perfect plant.

4. Plants to give to a kitchen lover

An original way of giving plants at Christmas. Discover this envelope to grow edible pansy

You have already given him books, utensils and he has crockery that not even a restaurant with Michelin stars. But what to give this Christmas can be simple if we opt for the plants that can be part of their dishes. A way to encourage the creativity of any cook, encouraging them to include their own fresh ingredients in their recipes.

For this type of person, we can opt for a garden box that allows cultivation in a controlled and small space. But, also, we can opt for a garden kit that makes it easy to have aromatic and culinary at hand in a simple way.

5. Plants to give to a Christmas lover

A classic among plants to give away at Christmas. Enjoy its color buying it here

We close our proposal of plants to give away with one that cannot be missing on these dates. And it is that Christmas decoration is even more so if we enjoy the color of this plant that, at this time of year, shows off its incredible red leaves. Caring for the Poinsettia is simple and, if we pamper it a bit, we can also enjoy it throughout the year.

Of course: the rest of the months its characteristic color will be green. Something that we can change for next Christmas if we know how to turn the leaves of the Poinsettia red.

After seeing these plant gift ideas, do you dare to give life as a gift this Christmas?

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