How often and how to water my apple tree?

The apple tree is a fruit tree that, in addition to giving a good production each season, is also capable of contributing in terms of decoration.

However, it is necessary to offer him the optimal care so that he can stay healthy and productive. Watering the apple tree is part of that set of tasks that you will have to pay attention to.

And since we don’t want to leave you alone on this journey, we give you the following post that gathers the information you need to know to give it the appropriate amount of water. We start.

Important points when watering an apple tree:

  • Irrigation frequency: 2 to 4 times per week in the production stage. Reduce to 1 every 15 days or monthly in the winter to prevent the surrounding soil from freezing.
  • Irrigation method: outdoor drip or indoor watering can.
  • Optimum time of day for irrigation: in the morning or at sunset, when the sun is not heating up much to avoid rapid evaporation.
  • Identify excess water: brown leaves, root rot.
  • Identify lack of water: low production, loss of foliage.

What irrigation needs does the apple tree have?

The apple tree is a tree that has very special water needs, since this will help it to carry out its internal processes.Water is vital for fruit production and for these to be of good quality because apples have moist pulp.


For this reason, it is recommended not to neglect frequent watering and with the right proportions so that the soil is moist and at the same time without flooding. To establish the correct values ​​for each apple tree plantation, various elements must be considered, such as the environmental conditions, the type of soil.

How can we detect lack of irrigation in the apple tree?

The apple tree that does not enjoy the correct amount of irrigation will suffer droughts that will impact the production of flowers and fruits.

To determine the exact moment when the apple tree needs watering, you have to study the soil and check if it is dry.

In case of having the specimen in a pot, it can be rehydrated with the help of an immersion irrigation for 15 minutes. Then you will have to continue with the irrigation frequency that you have already established according to your own conditions.

How often should we water the apple tree?

The irrigation of the apple tree must be established based on the water demand it has in its production periods.When it is in flower formation, it is necessary to water it 2 or 3 times a week, depending on the environmental conditions.

If you already have the flower, it will be necessary to reduce to 1 or 2 times a week because the hydric wear will be less. By the time it is in full fruit production, watering frequency should increase to an average of 3 or 4 times per week.

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Take into account that the apple tree absorbs water slowly and this is essential to consider so that the risks are not excessive and it becomes flooded.In winter, watering can be reduced to 1 fortnightly or monthly depending on the area where it is kept.

Thanks to the fact that it is a deciduous species, in winter it will have very little water demand and applying it can be counterproductive due to the risk of the environment freezing.

What is the best way to water the apple tree?

Apple trees tend to be planted in fields, which means that using an automated system is most favourable.Drip irrigation is a good idea because the apple tree will receive just the right amount of water and this can be supplemented with occasional dews to refresh the crown.

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However, the foliage should not be wet when it has flowers because it could cause rotting. If the apple tree is in a pot, the ideal option is to apply irrigation with a large watering can and let the water fall until the pot begins to drain the excess liquid from the bottom.

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How do we detect excess water in the apple tree?

The leaves are a bright, penetrating green color if in optimal health. If not, its leaves may start to turn brown, which is a symptom of possible overwatering.

Assessing the state of the land you will be able to define if this is the cause, since the environment at the base of the tree will look very humid. It is best to allow the soil to dry before proceeding to a new watering so that the apple tree is freed, because if it is not taken care of it can die.

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Among all the species of fruit trees, one of the most characteristic and striking is the apple tree, especially for children. In home orchards, an apple tree can thrive without problems, as long as it receives the attention it needs. The irrigation of the apple tree, although it needs planning, after having it, it will be easy to implement.

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