5 summer plants to have in full sun

We are at that time of the year that invites to be lived with joy, outdoors and surrounding ourselves with colors. The best way to enjoy these months that we look forward to so much and that invite you to be savored, minute by minute. To do it to the fullest, summer plants are the perfect choice. A natural way to enjoy nature in our house in one of the seasons of the year when the plants are at their peak.

It is now when summer plants become the protagonists of terraces, balconies or gardens. Some that will not only help us decorate the exterior but will also change it completely with their presence. However, choosing them should not be done lightly depending on where we live. And it is that summer is synonymous with heat and even very hot. A factor that determines, depending on the geography and orientation of our house, which plants we can enjoy.

Thinking about those degrees above the thermometer and in hot places, today we want to make you a proposal of five perfect summer plants to have in full sun. Plants that not only will not suffer from this exposure but will even look even more beautiful thanks to it.


Before more, it is important to consider that being resistant to the sun does not mean that they do not need irrigation. An aspect that usually worries us when we decide to plant summer plants, thinking that we will be away from home for a while and they may suffer for it. However, this does not have to be a problem. It is enough to know how to water the plants on vacation or even, and depending on your disposition, know how to install a drip irrigation system that keeps them hydrated.

In either case, our summer plants will be taken care of and will be able to grow or flower without any surprise, even in full sun.

Thus, and after this consideration, let’s see some perfect summer plants to show off in the sun. Some selected to have flowers in pots, planters or even planted directly in the garden.

1. Surfinia, one of the summer plants par excellence

One of those summer plants that, yes or yes, you have to have at home. Take a look at this in two colors

We could not talk about summer plants without mentioning the Surfinia. A true symbol of this time of year, which fills almost any space with color. Perfect for occupying planters, it is also perfect for a hanging planter or a planter at ground level of good height. In addition, the variety of its colors is such that it is impossible not to find the most suitable tone to complete the decoration of any outdoor space.

To be able to enjoy these summer plants as they deserve, we will have to attend to the care of the Surfinia:

  • It must be located in full sun, since only then will it bloom abundantly.
  • The ideal is to use a specific substrate for flowering plants, although it also grows in a universal substrate
  • Demands constant watering, but never too abundant
Regular application of fertilizer will allow these summer plants to bloom vigorously. Buy online this fertilizer for flowering plants
  • To motivate the creation of flowers, we will not only have to remove those that are withered. In addition, it is essential to apply a flowering fertilizer every 15 days in the hot months
  • Since it is a fast growing plant, it has to have a good pot. Otherwise, it will stop its growth but also its flowering

2. Geranium, another classic of this time of year

One of the ideal summer plants for any location. Buy this geranium online here

One of the essential summer plants. And we say this because the geranium is one of the most popular in windows, terraces, balconies or gardens with the arrival of good weather. Beyond its incredible range of colors, it also has a good number of shapes. From the zonal geranium, which grows vertically, to the climbing or ivy geranium, passing through varieties as unique as the Randy geranium or the Pansy geranium. A rustic plant that will require very little of us to be beautiful.

For this, nothing like knowing the care of the geranium:

  • It tolerates full sun perfectly. In very hot areas, it does not hurt to protect it in the central hours of the day
  • It is not a lover of abundant irrigation. For this reason, not only do you have to ensure good drainage, but also a spaced water pattern. In summer months, two waterings a week will suffice. In addition, it is advisable to prevent leaves and flowers from getting wet. They could get sunburned
A nutrient-rich substrate will suffice for geraniums. Discover the composition of our Verdecora natural substrate
  • It grows perfectly in a universal substrate, although we can also plant it in a specific one for flowering plants.
  • Apply a flowering fertilizer once a month during the hot months
  • With the arrival of the cold, the ideal is to protect them from frost. They do not tolerate them, and they can kill the plant

3. Dahlia, the exuberance made flower

A plant with one of the most spectacular blooms. Learn more about Dahlia here

Attractive and eye-catching, the Dahlia is nicknamed «the diva of the garden». And it is not for less: her incredible flowering is a real show. Since it is a plant native to Mexico, a location in full sun is ideal for it to grow and flourish fully. To gain even more prominence, the ideal is to combine it with plants with simpler and more discreet blooms. A little trick that will allow us to contemplate her beauty without being overshadowed by anything.

To enjoy the Dahlia, the ideal is to follow a series of guidelines:

  • It is a perfect plant for both indoors and outdoors. If we have it outside the house, we will have to protect it from the cold when the winter months arrive. It is also important that it is sheltered from the wind. If not, we will have to support it so that it does not break
  • When it comes to irrigation, the ideal is that we are generous with water. A guideline that we will have to increase especially on the hottest days
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  • Although the pests pass by the Dahlia, it is an object of desire for snails and slugs. Some voracious visitors that can ruin the beauty of this incredible plant, and that should be curbed forcefully
  • It can be planted in a pot or in a pot, but the ideal is to do it directly in the ground.
  • It is recommended to apply a fertilizer for flowering plants, especially in the winter months when they lose their leaves.

4. Clavelina, the ideal plant for windows

A perfect plant for any space. Learn more about the care of these summer plants

If you are a lover of summer plants with small blooms, the Clavelina is the ideal one. Its flowers, which range from white to a good part of the red range, grow in isolation or in small bouquets. Incredible points of color that stand out against the intense green of its elongated leaves. In addition to their beauty, the Clavelina has one more attraction that makes them irresistible: they need very little care. Something that makes it a perfect plant even for those who do not have a hand with gardening.

To see our plant full of flowers, we will only have to attend to a few aspects:

  • Locate it in full sun, even on the hottest days. The Clavelina has no problem being exposed to direct sun
  • In the summer months, it will need abundant, daily watering. Afterwards, one watering every three or four days will suffice.
  • Despite being a water lover, the Clavelina does not tolerate excess water in its roots. For this reason, in addition to having good drainage, it is important to remove the excess water left over from the irrigation of the lower tray.
The guano will be a fantastic fertilizer for the Clavelina. Discover the characteristics of this Compo
  • From the beginning of spring to the beginning of autumn, it will be necessary to apply a flowering fertilizer or guano
  • During the blooming months, it is important to prune off faded flowers. In addition, either at the beginning of spring or autumn, it is necessary to cut back the height of the plant.

5. Margarita Dimorfoteca, ideal for creating flower beds in the garden

One of the summer plants resistant to heat but also to cold. Include it in your garden, terrace or balcony

A perfect plant to create groups of flowers, border paths or simply grow it in a pot. Also called African Daisy, this plant is a family of Calendula and Sunflower. Something that gives us a clue as to how much he loves the sun. In order for them to fully develop, they require little but very specific care. In addition to having a good height, they have a good growth in width and a great profusion of flowers.

To see this peculiar daisy flourish, it is essential to follow some tips:

  • It needs good drainage. The Margarita dimorfoteca is very sensitive to excess water in its roots
  • In addition to having a soil rich in nutrients, we will have to apply a flowering fertilizer in the hottest months.
  • It is a plant to observe closely, since it is usually the target of whiteflies.
The whitefly proliferates rapidly on the back of the leaves. To eliminate it, you have to use a specific insecticide like this
  • Water two or three times a week during the summer months, and always first thing in the morning. These summer plants are of South African origin, so they have a good resistance to lack of water. When watering, it is important to avoid wetting its leaves and flowers.
  • To promote continuous flowering, which lasts until early autumn, it is essential to prune yellowing leaves and faded flowers.

Five summer plants that will not only resist the heat but will also transform it into flowers. Which do you prefer for your home?

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