7 desk plants: decorate your workspace

Filling workspaces with life is a unique way to make them more welcoming. A good reason to get to know desktop plants that allow us to transform the environment of our closest work environment.

In the same way that we consider how to decorate the house with plants, we can do the same with a work environment. Its presence will not only allow us to feel more relaxed but, in addition, will make our table or desk a friendly space. A way to put a personal and close point to everyday life.

Therefore, there is nothing like knowing some plant recommendations for the desk. A way to benefit from contact with nature, even in a work environment.


Curiously, when we talk about choosing the best plants for the office, we usually focus on common spaces, leaving work tables in the background. Something we must change. Enjoying them as part of our position, whether in an office or at home, can be more than interesting. Not only can we play with the anti-stress character of plants, but they can also be a true inspiration depending on the type of work we do.

And although the list of plants that we can include in our workspace is extensive, we propose seven that will adapt perfectly to your desk. A selection in which it will be almost impossible not to find the plant you are looking for.

1. Aglaonema Maria, one of the easiest green plants to care for

An easy to care for, ornamental leafy green plant that is also ideal as part of a desk plant list. Buy it in our online store

It is one of the best representatives of green plants, both for its beauty and for the little complication of its cultivation. We are talking about a resistant and extremely versatile plant that can develop, even in spaces with little light. But, in addition to its beauty, there is another important reason to include it among our desktop or home plants: doing so will allow us to enjoy the benefits of purifying plants, since it is one of them.

Aglaonema Maria care does not involve any complications. We will only have to be aware of procuring a slightly moist substrate.

2. Calathea Crocata, the ideal for color lovers

One of the ideal desktop plants to put color. Get to know your care

The beauty of this plant lies not only in its spectacular leaves, characterized by a purple underside. In addition and with proper care, this variety of Calathea is filled with extremely beautiful orange flowers. A good reason for those who do not want to give up flowers, not even on their list of desktop plants.

To enjoy it, it is important to know that it is a plant that is sensitive to cold. And not only with the environment but also with air currents. It appreciates being in the shade in lighted spaces and, only in summer, it demands regular watering.

3. Senecio Rowleyanus, an original alternative to the usual plants

Get this beautiful plant with a highly original Mexican-inspired cover

The ideal option for those who have a passion for succulents and succulents. The unique arrangement of the stems and the shape of the leaves, which is why it is called rosary plant, make it a highly original choice. When it is still young, we can place it on the table. As its stems begin to grow, it will ideally be placed on a shelf or even suspended from the ceiling.

In addition to procuring a bright location and, preferably, with indirect sun; We will have to be very careful with irrigation. In this case, knowing how to water succulents correctly is key to avoiding disappointment. And one more note: nothing like looking at the balls of its stems to know where we are with the water. If when touching them they fall, it is watered of more; if they start to wrinkle, they urgently need to be hydrated.

4. Philodendron Scandens, one of the perfect desktop plants for beginners

Enjoy one of the most beautiful desktop plants. get it here

It is likely that we want to have plants in our work space but, because we don’t have much idea, we are afraid to kill them. Whether you’ve been given the title of «plant killer» or are just getting started with houseplants, Philodendron Scandens is the perfect plant for you. It is not only resistant: it also requires very little attention.

Perfect for spaces with a lot of light, although always indirect, this beautiful plant only requires a warm space and moderate watering to grow. It is also important that the place of cultivation has a certain environmental humidity.

5. Monstera Monkey, a beauty for dimly lit spaces

Another beautiful way to enjoy Monstera. Include it among your plants for the office

One of the desktop plants that no one can resist! Not only its leaves are striking and precious. Added grows fast and, due to its climbing nature, we can take advantage of it to decorate both our work table and the surroundings. As if all these aspects were not attractive enough, the Monstera monkey has one more virtue: it can grow in spaces with little light.

To enjoy Monstera Monkey or Monstera Adansonii you don’t need to spend a lot of time. If we know the care of the Monstera, we will have part of the homework done. What should we be careful about? Only in that the Monstera Monkey demands more environmental humidity.

6. Maranta leuconera, a plant spectacle

One of the most spectacular desktop plants. order it here

If you are looking for inspiration, this is your plant! The Maranta leuconera or Maranta tricolor is one of the exotic ornamental beauties that can be enjoyed as part of our desktop plants. In addition to being beautiful, it is slow-growing so that, even with proper care, it will never invade our work space. What’s more: due to the natural arrangement of its stems, it is perfect as a hanging plant.

From the tropical forests of Brazil, it is a plant that requires light to maintain the characteristic colors of its leaves. It is also essential that it is in a warm space and, if the heating is very high, that we humidify the environment.

7. Alocasia polly, one of the smallest desktop plants

A medium sized plant ideal for a desk. Get to know your care

A true tropical beauty ideal for any workspace. The unique design of its leaves, in the shape of an arrow, makes it decorate any space with its mere presence. What’s more: if we don’t like plants that are too big, it’s the perfect choice. Even being rigorous with the care of the alocasia polly, it will never exceed half a meter in height.

But let’s keep something in mind. The needs of this plant native to Central and South America are very specific. Not only does it need good lighting, but it is also not suitable for cold spaces. Something that we must consider if this is the case in our office, or if regular air conditioning is used at a low temperature.

Which of these seven desktop plants do you prefer? Hard to choose just one!

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