Aloe Vera Cuttings: [Concept, Season, Rooting and Planting]

What does it mean to plant by cuttings?

The plantation or method of multiplication by cutting consists of the use of a piece, fragment or part of a plant to achieve the reproduction of the plant.

The cutting is a stem fragment with buds of a woody consistency and can be planted indoors or outdoors, depending on the plant that gave rise to it.

The fragments or cuttings can be herbaceous stems, which come from perennial plants; softwood of woody plants, semi-hardwood, hardwood; foliar cuttings that come from the leaves and root cuttings.

The technique of planting cuttings is widely used and recommended by some horticulturists so that, under optimal environmental conditions, it generates a new plant.Planting by cuttings is the favorite method of horticulturists and amateurs because it is a simple and easy method to carry out.

What is the best time to plant aloe vera cuttings?

The best time for the reproduction of aloe vera is spring and especially autumn, but never in winter because it does not support extreme cold or humidity.

With modern cultivation techniques and advances in horticulture, aloe vera cuttings can be planted at any time of the year, following favorable environmental conditions.

How to get aloe vera cuttings to root correctly?

The aloe vera plant is a species that will take root very easily through the use of a leaf, or a stem.

The environmental conditions, temperature, very little humidity and exposure to the sun are essential for the proper rooting of the aloe vera cutting.

Experts recommend carrying out a rooting treatment to give and maintain the nutrients of the plant, before proceeding to plant.

In the case of leaves, a rooting treatment can be carried out for a few hours and then removed until the wound heals, while in the case of stems, it is recommended to apply rooting and sow immediately.

How should we take the aloe vera cuttings to plant them?

Aloe vera cuttings for reproduction can be taken from the leaf or stem, but the use of plant material in good phytosanitary condition from the mother plant is recommended.

In the case of using the leaves (leaves) of aloe vera, it is necessary to take those that are mature and that are in the lower part of the mother plant to try to extract them completely, trying to get them to come out from the base, without cutting.

From the point of the fissure, you can see that the aloe vera jelly comes out, therefore you must wait until that wound or incision point is completely closed to plant.

Multiplication can also be achieved by taking a stem cutting, but only when that stem is taken from a mature Aloe Vera plant. It is necessary to wait for the aloe vera stem to be strong and have good dimensions to guarantee a good procedure.

To take the cuttings from the root, you must be very careful and ensure that you have at least three of them to guarantee that it can take well.The use of clean and disinfected tools is necessary so as not to cause damage to the plant or the cutting.

How long should we leave aloe vera cuttings in water?

In general, specialists consider that once the aloe vera cutting has been prepared, it is necessary to plant it to prevent it from losing its properties.

When it comes to a cutting of an aloe vera leaf, it is recommended to place it in a rooting solution before proceeding to sow and wait for the wound to close completely.For the planting of aloe vera stem cuttings, it is recommended to sow and transplant immediately to the mother plant.

Is it convenient to use fertilizer or compost?

It is definitely necessary to use a good compost to achieve and guarantee the reproduction of the aloe vera cutting.

A special compost for seedbeds consisting of a mixture of sand, with volcanic gravel and a little peat, could give very good results for planting aloe vera.

The use of earthworm humus is also recommended, which favors the multiplication of aloe vera.It is important to take into account that the soil or substrate that is prepared for planting aloe vera must be loose and well drained.

How long does it usually take for an aloe vera cutting to come out?

Horticulturists point out that, if the procedure for taking the cutting, its rooting treatment and its planting were carried out correctly, then the aloe vera should be coming out in about 3 to 6 months.

It is important to remember that aloe vera is a succulent type plant that cannot withstand high temperatures or excess humidity, therefore it is necessary to protect it.

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