Ardisia crenata shrub care

It is one of those grateful bushes that also fill with color with the arrival of Christmas. Apart from its simple beauty, the care of the Ardisia crenata makes it very easy to enjoy its incredible decorative character. What’s more: its versatility is such that, although its ideal location is outdoors, it can also be grown indoors or in greenhouses. Something that we must contemplate if we live in a very cold climate and with winter frosts.

It is logical to take this into account in the care of the Ardisia crenata, also called Capulin bush, if we know where it originates from. Native to warm areas of Asia and Africa, this provenance marks a lot! its temperature tolerance. And not only that: in the areas where it grows naturally, its dimensions are far from those of a bush. It can even become a large tree.

So let’s see what this beautiful plant needs to prosper and give us the green intensity of its evergreen leaves that, for a few months of the year, are splashed with color thanks to the characteristic red berries of this plant.


Before seeing in detail the care of the Ardisia crenata, let’s get to know a singularity of this plant. As we said, one of the main attractions of Ardisia crenata is its berries. These are still the evolution of its star-shaped bloom, small in size and white. They usually appear in bouquets and have a subtle perfume. The curious thing is that, although most of the flowers turn into berries, in the Ardisia the coexistence of flowers and berries is common.

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And no: let’s not think that the berries disappear in a short time. In reality, they usually last on the branches until the next bloom. A detail that should be known as it gives us an idea of ​​the extent to which this bush will have a decorative character either in our house or in our garden. And when does flowering occur? From late spring onwards, until the appearance of the berries with the arrival of autumn.

Once this peculiarity is understood, let’s see what this beautiful bush needs to develop properly. And by the way: if we are looking for fast-growing shrubs for fences, we will have to think of another option. The Ardisia is a very slow growing shrub.

1. Light, an essential for Ardisia crenata

Knowing its origins, it stands to reason that lighting is central to the Ardisia. And it is: it needs a lot of light, but we will always have to avoid direct sunlight since it can burn.

If we have it indoors, we can grow it near a window. Outdoors and in hot climates, we will have to plant it in a semi-shade location.

2. Temperature, key to your well-being

If we are looking for cold-resistant shrubs for the garden, we will have to completely rule out Ardisia crenata. Due to its origins, the ideal is that it is in a range between 15 and 21 degrees. A temperature that we can only manage in the winter months if we have it at home or grow it in a greenhouse.

And no: we should not expose it to cold. Below 10 degrees, the life of our Ardisia crenata can be compromised. If we have it inside the house, it never hurts to take it outside in the summer months. Of course: always sheltered from the sun.

3. Irrigation, one of the most demanding cares for the Ardisia

Due to its origin, it is a plant with a high need for humidity during the hot months. When the temperature rises, it is essential to keep the substrate slightly moist through regular watering. We can even wet its leaves from time to time to hydrate them if it is very hot. During the rest of the year, watering should be more spaced.

But be very careful with two aspects. On the one hand, the ideal is to water it with water without lime or rainwater. On the other hand, it does not tolerate waterlogging since its roots are sensitive to excess water. Something that we must take care of, since the ideal soil of the Ardisia is clay with a good amount of peat.

4. Pruning, a task typical of spring

Essential to promote its growth. The ideal time for pruning is spring.

5. The subscriber, essential for its growth

As we said, it is a bush that takes its time to grow properly. Therefore, regularly applying a dose of fertilizer is essential to help it grow.

Thanks to a regular dose of fertilizer, the Ardisia will grow properly. Get here our formula for flowering plants

For this reason, the ideal is to apply a dose of fertilizer for flowering plants fortnightly or monthly from the beginning of spring until the arrival of autumn.

And with these simple cares, there is no doubt: the Ardisia crenata will unfold all its beauty and color.

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